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    • Asia'h (on what she plans to do after "American Idol"): I really believe the sky's the limit for me. I'm going to take every opportunity that I can. I've been in drama and stuff like that through middle school and high school. So maybe some acting, some commercials, maybe a little bit of modeling here and there. But definitely music, music, music! Music's gonna stay in that -- it's my heart and soul.

    • Asia'h (on which Beatles song she would perform if she had made it into the top 12 of "American Idol"): Oh, man, I was so excited about my Beatles song! I was going to sing 'Can't Buy Me Love.' It was going to be awesome. I took a sample beat from Jazzy Jeff way back in the day, so it was going to have a hip-hop/R&B type of flavor to it. It was going to be fun and original. I was looking forward to that, and I know that would have scored me into the next round.

    • Asia'h (on her favorite "American Idol" judge): I loved all the judges, but I have to say my favorite would be Simon. Everyone says he's kind of bitter, but he does know what he's talking about. He's professional and I think he gives very constructive criticism. Even though he could probably word it a little differently sometimes, he is the most harsh and he makes you do the best that you can do.

    • Asia'h (on how she got through the "American Idol" auditions while mourning her father): I think that he was with me and God was with me, and my family and friends just pushed me through it. That's what he wanted me to do. I was not going to go forward with my dreams just because of that. He wanted me to do that, so that's what pushed me to keep going.

    • Asia'h (on if she ever seocond guessed singing a Whitney Houston song on "American Idol"): I consider myself enough of a unique artist -- as far as my voice and my stage performance -- that I didn't think I would really be compared to [her]. It went through my head, but I didn't second-guess myself. [Simon] said I was a second-rate Whitney, and I will take that any day!

    • Asia'h (on if being first to perform might have been the reason she was eliminated from "American Idol"): I do believe that them picking me to go first was a kind of downfall. If I was in the audience and just got there, it's a little overwhelming at the time. You kind of want to ease into that [type of song].

    • Asia'h (on if she was surprised that she got eliminated from "American Idol"): I was but I wasn't. I definitely think I deserved to be in the top 12. When they told me I was first [to perform], I actually called my mom and said, "I think this will be the last time I'm performing on this stage."

    • Asia'h: I had a new car and it wrecked and I had to get this really, really crappy car that I would never in a million years say I ever drove, I mean it was like half gray and half rust. I mean I would never, I mean I cried, but I had to get it like I had no other way to get around and oh my gosh, there's like this play in my hometown called "Zan's Creek," and it's like where everyone goes and hangs out by the water and you know, just have some fun, listen to some music and stuff any my friends wanted to go in time, so they were like, "You have to drive" and I was like, "Are you serious." And there was like 50 million people from all the way down the creek to all the way to the end and it was like 3 miles long and I'm like, "are you serious? I am not driving that car," and I ended up driving my car and I was really having an anxiety attack like I was like, "Oh my God!" it was horrible, I mean I would never, I mean I'd drive in the car and I'm like and it's like parked in my driveway and I'm never going to drive it again.

    • Asia'h: Wow! The weirdest thing I've ever eaten, frog legs and some other stuff, it was like all mixed together, we were in Louisiana with my best friends and they're boyfriends made some like - they're from Louisiana – they just took all this like fish stuff and just stuff, a bunch of stuff, – they're really weird – but it was kinda' good, I would not eat it again, I don't think.

    • Asia'h: I've never really had a job, I've just been a waitress; I'm only 19, so I've really just been in school. Probably being a waitress thought, 'cause I kinda' said that I had experience when I filled out my application and I didn't, so I kinda' just had to go in there and just wing it and like I knew and I didn't really know and so I just kinda' had to learn, so that was pretty interesting, pretty interesting, but I caught on really quick, so I'm good now.

    • Asia'h: My family has helped me in many ways, they're just very supportive. That's just the main thing, they're just always there for me, no matter what I want to do you know, it's go for it and that's just how it is 'cause they know that anything I'm going to do, I'm going to do it 100% all the way and they're there to back me up and just give me support and stuff like that, keep my head right, they're not always "yes" people, they're like honest like, "Uhhh… no, that sucked" or like, "No, you need to go change that outfit," they let me know that they're honest to me and they're cool, they got my back.

    • Asia'h: Something that people would be surprised to know about me is that I get shy sometimes and I get like these little shy spurts and when it happens my family and my friends will go like, "What is wrong with you? Why are you acting like this?" like it's such a big deal, but I don't know, it just happens sometimes, and I'm not [shy]. I'm like a very outgoing person, I'm just really live and sometimes I'll just get like really drawn in and just be like you know, I don't know I just go through those little spurts.

    • Asia'h: I don't know, I'm very like outgoing, like just the type of out there person and I don't know, maybe because I haven't been there to see exactly how they are except for when they're on stage, I don't know.

    • Asia'h: My favorite performer is Mariah Carey, I love her, she's just like my favorite ever.

    • Asia'h: If I don't become the next American Idol, I don't really like to speak in those terms if I don't, but if that happens to be in God's will that I don't become the next American Idol, I'll probably, I'll definitely keep singing, keep going after it; I'll probably go to school and get a degree in something, I'll probably do that anyway, regardless, probably just go back to school, go back to work and keep singing, just start over, keep on moving.

    • Asia'h: I wanna become the next American Idol because I think that this is what I'm supposed to do like no matter what I've always known what I've wanted to do and I want to be able to give back the feeling that I got when I was watching my idols growing up, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, the feeling that I had when I was watching them before. I want to give girls, guys , whatever the same feeling that I got, I want to make them you know, I want them to look up to me and have the characteristics that it takes to become the next American Idol.

    • Asia'h (on what her other talents are and her hobbies): Well, I dance, I do jazz and pop and I play sports, that's all it.

    • Asia'h: I first started singing probably way before I could talk. I know I did my first talent show in kindergarten, so I might say 5, 4, 5.

    • Asia'h: When I found out I made the top 24 I was like ecstatic. I couldn't even, I was just so happy. I just couldn't even, couldn't breathe, I was crying, it was crazy like, it means everything so it was very exciting.