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    • Asia'h: I had a new car and it wrecked and I had to get this really, really crappy car that I would never in a million years say I ever drove, I mean it was like half gray and half rust. I mean I would never, I mean I cried, but I had to get it like I had no other way to get around and oh my gosh, there's like this play in my hometown called "Zan's Creek," and it's like where everyone goes and hangs out by the water and you know, just have some fun, listen to some music and stuff any my friends wanted to go in time, so they were like, "You have to drive" and I was like, "Are you serious." And there was like 50 million people from all the way down the creek to all the way to the end and it was like 3 miles long and I'm like, "are you serious? I am not driving that car," and I ended up driving my car and I was really having an anxiety attack like I was like, "Oh my God!" it was horrible, I mean I would never, I mean I'd drive in the car and I'm like and it's like parked in my driveway and I'm never going to drive it again.