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  • A Big Girl Now

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    S 3 : Ep 3 - 11/14/88

    Lucy finds herself breaking promises and hurting her friends as her relationship with Paul becomes more serious. When she cancels a sleepover she promised for LD, Erica, and Heather in order to throw a party for Paul and his friend Clutch, her friends are livid when they learn she lied to them and didn't invite them to the party. Karma bites back when Paul starts a rumor that he and Lucy had sex at the party; branding Lucy a promiscuous reputation. Meanwhile, Wheels is hurt that Snake hasn't talked to him since his parents died, and confides in Joey who reveals that Snake doesn't know what to say to him. After losing the student council president election, Kathleen takes her anger out on Melanie who decides she's longer putting up with Kathleen's attitude and retaliates.moreless
  • Star-Crossed

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    S 3 : Ep 8 - 1/16/88

    Erica develops a crush on Clutch and asks Heather to find out his birth sign to see if they're compatible. In the process, Clutch asks Heather out to go bowling, so the twins decide to trade places so Erica can attend the date instead. While temporarily filling in for Erica during her dentist appointment, Heather is shocked to find out Clutch used their date to get closer to Lucy. Alexa and BLT's relationship begins to fall apart, making her realize she wants Simon back. Meanwhile, Wheels is finally feeling better since the death of his parents but takes out his bottled up aggressions on a bully as Borden High.moreless