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    • DVD's:
      Bouncing Off The Ceiling (Upside Down) (2001)
      The DVD Collection (2001)
      Floorfiller (2002)

    • Since the band's break-up, all the members are working on solo projects. Marie and Dhani released solo albums in 2006, and Sara and Amit are working on theirs.

    • The album New Arrival was basically just a European release of Pop 'Til You Drop.

    • Their album Teen Spirit, was released with the bonus tracks Heartbreak Lullaby, Can't Stop The Pop , and Give It Up.

    • The A*Teens recorded two version of the Elvis cover song Can't Help Falling In Love. One was used on their album Pop 'Til You Drop, and the other on the Lilo and Stitch Soundtrack.

    • The A*Teens Greatest Hits album was never released in the United States. The release was canceled.

    • The A*Teens formed in 1998. Their Greatest Hits album was released in 2004, but the official break-up wasn't announced until April 2006.

    • The A*Teens are considered the most successful band from Sweden after ABBA.

    • The A*Teens' album New Arrival is a reference to the ABBA album Arrival.

    • The A*Teens were originally called the ABBA*Teens. however it was changed to A*Teens for less confusion.

    • Singles:
      Mamma Mia (1999)
      Super Trouper (1999)
      Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) (1999)
      Happy New Year (1999)
      Dancing Queen (2000)
      Upside Down (2000)
      Halfway Around The World (2001)
      Sugar Rush (2001)
      Heartbreak Lullaby (2001 for The Princess Diaries Soundtrack)
      Can't Help Falling In Love (2002)
      Floorfiller (2002)
      A Perfect Match (2003)
      I Promised Myself (2004)

    • Discography:
      The ABBA Generation (1999)
      Teen Spirit (2001)
      Pop Til' You Drop (2002)
      New Arrival (2003 Europe/Latin America Release)
      Greatest Hits (2004)

    • A*Teens have sold over 9.1 million albums and 2 million singles worldwide.

    • The A*Teens did a remake of Alice Cooper's 'School's Out' on their album 'Pop 'Til You Drop!'. They actually sang the song with Alice Cooper himself

    • Their remake of the song "Can't Help Falling In Love" was featured on the Lilo & Stitch original soundtrack.

    • Their song This Year was featured on the Kim Possible Soundtrack.

    • On most of the songs from the first album, Marie and Sara are lead singers. Amit and Dhani are mostly backup singers. On the second album Amit and Dhani had more vocals.

    • Their first album "The ABBA Generation" was released on May 11, 2000. It featured a collection of ABBA songs, redone by them.

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