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    • Atmosphere: The backbone of this group has been the constant yearn to entertain their fans with normal everyday conscious thoughts and beats. But what's the backbone and message of the music itself? The revolution has to start personally. You cant save the world or even your block until you save yourself. Cats need to quit separating themselves from each other when they're all kind of on the same team. Everybody that's got a foot on their neck right now should look around at all the other people with feet on their neck, and realize well were on the same fuckin' page. We need to realize we're all a bunch of like-minded motherfuckers trying to get the same shit. But how do you say that to a bunch of 16 year olds. You can't even tell a 16 year old to vote.

    • Atmosphere: With the loss of 2 Pac, Kurt Cobain, and all those hippie rockers from the drug decade known as the seventies, It's never been more evident than now that music is missing a voice of realism.

    • Atmosphere: As cliche as this sounds, without the fans, we would be nothing.

    • Atmosphere: (On mainstream music) I just feel like hip-hop is a tree; I'm on one branch of it and their on another, but it's all rooted in the same spot.

    • Atmosphere: God rented me talent, now I use it to the rock the microphone in the studio.

    • Atmosphere: Those kids go out and try to shed that in order to find out who they really are. They do it through art. They do it through music, books, and whatever. If you can't at least respect the fact that you are in a position to be on an identity search, you are already missing what the identity search is all about. I see why those kids reach a point that they think a group is not cool when everybody knows about the group.

    • Atmosphere: Atmosphere has not only has used music to survive, Atmosphere also uses hip-hop as a form of therapy.

    • Atmosphere: Music has saved many lives. Every emcee uses music for lyrical & emotional communication.

    • Atmosphere: The music of Atmosphere mixes the darkest emotions with the party energy of hip-hop. If you think Atmosphere is not having a great ******* time these days, you do not know anything about the group.

    • Atmosphere: The emcees play with words and rhythmic flows. The producer plays with beats & samples. As hip-hop groups, these artists "play" their music for the listeners. Perhaps, we use the word "play" in this context because the listeners and the artists are having a good time. Would you "throw your hands in the air and wave them like you just don't care" if you were not having fun?

    • Atmosphere: Some people (including myself) will dig deep into their collection because they need to hear a specific track. Emotionally depressing music and socio-political music can also be pleasurable. The listener relates to the artist on a physical, mental, and emotional level. The artists utilize the entire emotional spectrum. Lovers of hip-hop culture can emotionally, financially, or philosophically depend on the music. Regardless of the song's style or mood, hip-hop music is rooted in a party.

    • Atmosphere: Music is a form of escapism for both the musician and listener. How many times has something ****** up happen to you, but you felt just a tiny bit better when you heard a certain song?

    • Atmosphere: Would you love hip-hop if the culture was not fun?