Atticus Shaffer


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  • Great, talented

    I just love the show. Everyone on the cast is great, but my favorite is Brick. I look forward to watching this show every night. I am a 73 year and I just love this Kid. He makes me happy..
  • Brick ritual

    Whenever The Middle comes on, just as Brick (Atticus) is about to do the secret word whisper, I pause the Tivo, sing the Spinach cue from Popeye, then unpause to do the secret word whisper.
  • Great as Bick on "The Middle".

    Great actor.
  • Atticus is fantastic! Would love to see more of him, he is a real scene stealer.

    This is the best show of the new season. All the actors are good but Atticus is outstanding. Hope they use him more, he is a wonderful actor for being so young. If he and Pee Wee Herman made a tv show or did a movie, it would be fantastic. They have a similar appearance and facial expressions. And, his comedic timing is wonderful. With so much junk on television, this is a refreshing show. A show you can watch with the whole family. I would love to see a bio or some background on the young man. He has a bright future.