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  • Talented rapper

    Amazing and talented artist. I've been watching him since degrassi and knew he was going to be big. Ovo forever x.
  • Talented actor and rapper!

    Miss him as Jimmy in Degrassi!!!!! Great actor and musician! Wish he'd come back, even if it's only as Drake!!!!! I'd love to see if his character would ever walk again even though our chances of seeing him back on Degrassi are probably very slim given how high his status is now in the music industry! He's going to continue rising in stardom, I see really good things in his future!
  • Drake

    For a while I had no idea who and what Drake looked like. And then seeing a picture of him, I'm like "Hey that's wheelchair Jimmy!" Never knew he had the talent to rap, but apparently he did, and look where he is at now. But before all that Hollywood fame, he was a popular actor in the show Degrassi, and well, let's say that his rapping abilities are far ahead of his acting abilities. Not to say Aubrey Graham was a poor actor by any means; he was pretty good, he just wasn't amazing. Kind of whatever, but there are the few scenes where you just popped out of your seat with some of his scenes.
  • He's great. :)

    Aww, awesome!!! :D His birthday is the day after mine!! Woot!!! Go October birthdays!!! :D Anyways, haha. Ok so, I just recently noticed his hilarious little head bop in the background of Ellie and Manny's mini-cat fight in the Degrassi: TNG episode Weddings, Parties, Anything. Ok anyways, I totally love this dude!!! In the beginning episodes of Degrassi: TNG, he was a little...umm...awkward. But hey, who of the kids wasn't back then? He has grown into such an amazing actor over the years, and I absolutely love his character Jimmy. :] Aubrey does a magnificent job portraying him. I also enjoy Aubrey's appearence in another one of my favorite shows, Instant Star. Haha. He was great in that too. He's just an all-around awesome guy, and I really hope to see more of Aubrey on tv, (if not in the movies too) because he's totally awesome. :) Woot!!! Love you Aubrey!!!
  • Aubrey is great and that's all there is to it!

    This guy knows just how make me go wild! I know he has a lot of talent and all, but there is something else about him that I find very appealing. I saw Degrassi:Unscripted when it first aired and I couldn\\\'t believe what I was seeing. He has a lot of the same interests as I do and his sense of humor is spectacular. The relationship he has with his family and friends seems very genuine and loving and he manages to stay close with them while keeping up with work, travel, etc.. I know for a fact that that can\\\'t be easy, especially when he first started Degrassi at sort of a young age. I have much respect and support for what he does and I encourage him to persue his dreams. I didn\'t give him a 10 because no one is perfect. But he sure comes close!
  • I just wanted to say, my best friend Alex Newbrough is Ashley Newbrough's sister, and I know for a fact that the rumour about Ashley and Aubry Graham dating is far from true. Ashley has her mind set on someone, and that someone does not happen to b

    I just wanted to say, my best friend Alex Newbrough is Ashley Newbrough's sister, and I know for a fact that the rumour about Ashley and Aubrey Graham dating is far from true.
    Ashley has her mind set on someone, and that someone does not happen to be Aubrey Graham.
  • Amazing actor talented singer and a total hottie smooth voice adorable eyes make the ladies wanna die very sweet good sense in style can cry well lol he is adorable he needs to be on more tv shows cause he is hott good at acting suprised no one has him

    I love Aubrey Drake Graham he is my celeb crush he is an amazing actor i love his song rewind i cant wait for his cd to come out hopefully in the US He is soooo good on Degrassi when he cries i cry thats how good he is and thats really amazing that he actually took the time to look up what life in a wheelchair was really like so it would look good thats just totally awesome
  • We all know and adore Aubrey for his acting, but now there is a part two...confused yet? Well if you haven\'t heard Aubrey Graham aka the now drake- is a actor turned rapper. His new album \"Room for Improvement\" is now complete!!

    Aubrey\'s album \"Room for Improvement\" is now on preorder- it was confirmed on his official myspace on Nov.21.05. I\'m also very excited for his new music career, his tracks are labeled as new school hiphop and really have a great sound. I think anyone who listens to rappers as far as jay-z,common,pharrel, or kanye west will really enjoy his music.for more information visit Thisisdrake.com or myspace.com/thisisdrake
  • I love him!!

    I love this guy almost as much as i love khleo thomas. I plan on going to Canada in the summer of '07 after my graduation because I want to at least see him. I don't even have to see him. I love him so much!! I can't wait til i graduate!
  • he's a very good actor on degrassi as jimmy, he can also write and rap very well too, and being sexy as i don't know what adds to his whole package of just greatness. i hope he gets more roles on tv and the big screen in the future.

    His song lyrics are well written. He had new ideas and topics on his songs and took them in different directions that would be new on the radio.great actor, but i think there's still alot more that we have not seen from aubrey when it comes to his acting skills.
  • i really like aubrey he is a good actor and it would be cool if he can be on a regular tv show and not just cable but he plays a good role on degrass it seems weird that now he is in a wheelchair!

    i really admire him and truthfully writing the only reason why i watch the show is because of him. i love the way he acts because it seems to come naturally. i wish i could meet him it would be soo cool to talk to him i bet he is funny!
  • Aubrey album is coming out......

    Aubrey is my baby, he is just sssssssssssssooooooooooooooo FIONE!!!!!! i hope to meet him some day. if some of ya\\\'ll didn\\\'t know i found out that his album is coming out on his birthday October 24. okay so go buy it, suppport my baby!!!!!!!!!!

    Aubrey is one of the best actors/songwriters/performers he\\\'s just all that. he\\\'s just 4 years older than me but its okay, age aint nuthin but a number, i\\\'m 15 he\\\'s turing 19 in october.
  • I love Aubrey, I think he's a great singer ,rapper, and actor,and I wish I could meet him in person

    I doubt that you'll see this but,i'm one of your biggest fans , i can't wait til the album comes out. I really wish i could meet you in person because you seem like a very sweet and down-to-earth person ,other than that I think you are really really really cute.
  • Did you know?

    Big News For All U Aubrey Fans(and I mean die-hard fans):

    If you know about Aubrey's first album, B Wonder, then read on. I have just found out yesterday that Aubrey's or "Drake's" cd is coming out in the Fall of 2005!!! And if you need to go look at your calendar go ahead, i'll wait...OK back good. Sorry, that's all I know for right now, no date or nothing like that has been put out in the open where I live, in the states, yet but as soon as I find out its you guys that I will tell, you know after I scream my head off in excitement!!!

    PS.What will probably happen is the cd will not be released all over the states like Alexz Johnson's (Jude off of Instant Star). So chances are you will either have to go to Canada and buy it OR order it off of the net. But make sure it's a reliable site like ebay or amazon (you know what I mean).
  • Aubrey Graham is a talented up-and-comer. He is currently on "Degrassi:The New Generation". I believe he will have a long and prosperous career!

    Among the mediocre and below average acting on Degrassi, Aubrey Graham (Jimmy) is a breath of fresh air. He wasn't really used in the beginning, but the show has obviously seen his talent and now he has great storylines to showcase it."Time Stands Still" was the most riveting and well-written episode of the whole series. When Jimmy was shot, I felt it! I felt his frustration and anger of being in a wheelchair. The rest of the cast hasn't moved me like that. Good work! In the past four seasons, he grew from an awkward little boy into an extremely handsome young man. I wish him the best of luck in all his future endeavors (from what I understand, he's also pursuing a rapping career).
  • Aubrey Graham is the most talented actor and musician i have ever heard of. he is so fine, gorgous person i have ever seen. he should of been a bigger star like beyonce' or adam sandlar if he puts his mind to it i know he can do it.

    Aubery Graham should have been a bigger star because, everyone like degrassi including the charaecter he playin in the show. i have been watching his degrassi for about 2 years now its jsut going so great, the drama in there seems soo real.Aubrey is the most talented actor and musician i have ever seen, hes soo gorgous just to look at. i wish that one day i can actually meet him in person, he seems like a really outgoing person to be around with. I know one day that he will be a big actor some day in the future.
  • Aubrey Graham is an amazing actor. Not only is he cute and talented wit his career, but I can't wait to see what he does with his music. He is gorgeous, I watch degrassi just to see him.

    I pesonally think that Aubrey is amazing. He is my favorite character on Degrassi and by far the hottest on there as well. He is an incredible actor, I can\'t wait to here what he does with his music. If I had it my way i would definetly make him mine.
  • Wow!

    Aubrey is hot, hot, hot! He is also a very very good actor and singer. His portraying of Jimmy Brooks on Degrassi:The Next Generation is wonderful especially in a wheelchair. He does a hell of a job being mad at Spinner. I also think he does well with Hazel, there's not as much kissing scenes as most teen dramas. It makes Degrassi one step better in my book. But how much better can it get? Not much at all.
  • Could be one of the greatest actor, singer and rapper. He could be a star in both the states and Canada, look out for my boo Aubrey Drake Graham

    Aubrey Graham is an a original teen actor but could be even better, he acts, sing, raps and writes his own music, so either way there no way on the world this guy can\'t make it. He could be known as one of the greatest of his time and could really shine out the rest of the cast, he have to sytle to fit into both hip-hop, and rock world and can give our little music world a twist. He is one of the best teen actor out today and puts dedication into what he loves, to me Aubrey is what I call a hard working man trying to come up in the world, be known. He will be known to the world, he everything to me and as crazy as that sound it the truth, watch out for my boo Aubrey because he will be known and never forgotten.
  • Aubrey Graham: Just another Canadian actor, or a Powerhouse in the making?

    Aubrey Drake Graham is perhaps one of the most talented actors on the Canadian hit television show "Degrassi:The Next Generation", which currently airs on the-N on Friday nights, in the U.S. On the show, Graham plays Jimmy Brooks,the all around cool guy who cares alot about his friends, and who has dreams of becoming a basketball star. From season 1 to now, there have been some changes on the show for Graham's character. From season 1, we learn that Jimmy's parents aren't around alot, which leads to him often eating pizza most nights by himself. Then fast forward to season 3 where he plays in band with his good friends, Craig Manning, Spinner Mason, and Marco Del Rossi. We also see that Jimmy is very understanding, and supportive of his friend Marco after he finds out that he is gay. Coming to the past season 4, we see Jimmy as somewhat of a bully, after him, Spinner, Paige, and others taunt a kid named Rick, when he returns to Degrassi a few months after putting their friend Terri in the hospital with a head injury. But when Jimmy and Rick are forced to work together as a team on a game show, more of the warm-hearted Jimmy comes back after he sees that Rick isn't so bad. But the feeling doesn't last long when Rick thinks Jimmy set him up on public television to be humilated, and shoots him in the back. This epsiode, "Time Stands Still", was probably one of the most powerful episodes of Degrassi yet. It showed another side to some of the characters on the show, and showcased not only Graham's ability to act, but the likes of Jake Epstein(Craig), Melissa McIntyre(Ashley), and Jake Goldsbie(Toby) just to name a few. Aubrey Graham is just a talented, nice, handsome actor who I, personally would love to see alot more of in the future. Keep up the GOOD WORK, AUBREY,and the rest of THE D:TNG Cast!!!