Audie Murphy

Audie Murphy





Birth Name

Audie Leon Murphy



Also Known As

Sgt. Audie Murphey
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Audie Murphy was an American combat veteran and accomplished actor who was born on June 20th, 1924 in Kingston, Texas. Murphy dropped out of school in fifth grade because his father had abandoned the family, leaving his mother and twelve children financially destitute. During this time, he cultivated…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Audie made $400,000 for his role in To Hell and Back (1955).

    • Audie Murphy: (Of the role of himself in To Hell and Back (1955) I don't think I'm the type. Maybe Tony Curtis would do.

    • Fellow officer in US Army: (on Audie) Don't let that baby face fool you, that's the toughest soldier in the Third Division.

    • Bill Mauldin: (on Audie) In him, we all recognized the straight, raw stuff, uncut and fiery as the day it left the still. Nobody wanted to be in his shoes, but nobody wanted to be unlike him, either.

    • Audie Murphy: I guess my face is still the same, and so is the dialogue. Only the horses were changed. (Audie at 40)

    • Audie Murphy: I'm working under a great talent.

    • Audie Murphy: I never liked being called the 'most decorated' soldier. There were so many guys who should have gotten medals and never did--guys who were killed.

    • Audie Murphy: I can't ever remember being young in my life.

    • Audie received most of his military decorations before his twenty first birthday.

    • Although commonly referred to as Sergent Audie Murphey, Audie was given a battlefield commission and was promoted to second lieutenant prior to receiving his Medal of Honor.

    • Although commonly referred to as Sergent Audie Murphey, Audie was given a battlefield commission and was promoted to second lieutenant prior to receiving his Medal of Honor.

    • Audie's first wife Wanda Hendrix claimed he had horrible nightmares and slept with a gun under his pillow.

    • Audie had two sons. Terry, born April 14, 1952 and James ("Skipper") born March 24, 1954.

    • Audie's ex-wife attended his memorial service.

    • Audie was born in Kingston, Texas and grew up in Celeste, Texas. He went to school in Celeste until 8th grade when he dropped out to help raise his family.

    • Audie was chosen by Empire magazine as one of the 100 Sexiest Stars in film history (#55) in 1995.

    • You can contact Audie's fan club at:

      The Audie Murphy National Fan Club

      8313 Snug Hill Lane

      Potomac, Maryland


    • In 1996, Audie was inducted into the National Cowboy Hall of Fame this year in Oklahoma.

    • June 20, 1996 was proclaimed Audie Murphy Day by the Greenville Area Postal Customer Advisory Council in Greenville, Texas. U.S. Highway 69 North, from North Greenville city limits to Fannin County line was renamed The Audie Murphy Memorial Highway.

    • Audie Murphy Research Foundation was established by the Murphy family, for collection, preservation and distribution of historical information about Audie. It's located at 18008 Saratoga Way, Suite 516, Santa Clarita, CA 91351.

    • At Arlington Cemetery, the tombstones of Medal of Honor winners are normally decorated in gold leaf, but Audie requested that his tombstone remain plain and inconspicous.

    • Audie was the most decorated US soldier of WWII. Among his 27 US decorations was the Medal of Honor, the US's highest award for military conduct "above and beyond the call of duty", plus 5 decorations awarded by France and Belgium.

    • Audie was married to Pamela Archer from April 1951 until his death on May 28, 1971. They had two children together.

    • Audie was married to actress Wanda Hendrix from February 1949 until their divorce in April 1950.

    • Audie was 5' 5" (1.65 m) tall.

    • Audie was the first choice to play the Scorpio killer in Dirty Harry, but died in a plane crash before he could announce his decision on the role.

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