Audrey Marie Anderson

Audrey Marie Anderson


3/7/1975, Fort Worth, Texas, USA

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Audrey Anderson
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Audrey Marie Anderson, born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas, is an American model-turned-actress most known for her role as Kim Brown on CBS' The Unit. After attending secondary school at R.L. Paschal High School in Fort Worth, Texas, Audrey turned to modeling and signed up with Premier…more


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    • Audrey: (in an October 2006 interview) I am very crafty and I sew. I constantly have a new sewing project or a new cooking project I want to do. I just made homemade hazelnut ice cream. I am very domestic and still, at this point, out there looking for my next job.

    • Audrey: (describing a typical day of her filming on "The Unit") A lot of times, they will shoot most of the women scenes all at once and then most of the men's scenes. So, I end up having a lot of days off. The days that I am working are pretty full long days. You go in for about thirteen to fourteen hour days.

    • Audrey: (on being cast as Kim Brown on "The Unit") I saw how good the show was and, to tell you the truth, I didn't think in a million years that I would get this role. I thought when I read it on paper I said, 'They are not going to see me as this part.' I was wrong! It was very exciting when I got it!

    • Audrey: In Los Angeles, we have a different flea market every Sunday. My boyfriend and I are pretty much obsessed with getting up at 7am every Sunday and head to the flea market. We get all kinds of great stuff!

    • Audrey: (when asked if the fact that she's a mother will affect the way she chooses roles in the future) I'll probably have the same approach I've always had and go after things that seem interesting and fun to me.

    • Audrey: (when asked what's the one thing she hopes "Kim" gets to do in Season 4) Use birth control!

  • Beautiful? NOT!

    Sorry, but I can't believe this woman is a model? She is ugly and her mouth is like a chipmunk that stuffed his face. As for her role in The Unit, she is a whiner and a selfish twit. Most Amy Wives would never have her in an inner circle do to her constant challenge of rules, and always trying to stand her ground with beliefs of how SHE THINKS things should be. I like this show but fast forward the DVD everytime she comes Stand this one! Don't see her as a working actress in anything big in today's TV or movies, nor on the glossy pages as a model. Too much hype about her......moreless
  • empty

    Audrey marie anderson is simply the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes on ...
    I was watching "The Unit" last night and the first moment I saw her I was shocked by her beauty and moments later I was shocked by her performance and minutes later I was shocked to see that this lady even does not have a title photo in IMDB !!
    How is that possible ??
    I can't believe it !
    Am I really the only one astounded by her performance and her divine beauty ?!!!!!
    I just don't get itmoreless