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  • Beautiful? NOT!

    Sorry, but I can't believe this woman is a model? She is ugly and her mouth is like a chipmunk that stuffed his face. As for her role in The Unit, she is a whiner and a selfish twit. Most Amy Wives would never have her in an inner circle do to her constant challenge of rules, and always trying to stand her ground with beliefs of how SHE THINKS things should be. I like this show but fast forward the DVD everytime she comes Stand this one! Don't see her as a working actress in anything big in today's TV or movies, nor on the glossy pages as a model. Too much hype about her......
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    Audrey marie anderson is simply the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes on ...
    I was watching "The Unit" last night and the first moment I saw her I was shocked by her beauty and moments later I was shocked by her performance and minutes later I was shocked to see that this lady even does not have a title photo in IMDB !!
    How is that possible ??
    I can't believe it !
    Am I really the only one astounded by her performance and her divine beauty ?!!!!!
    I just don't get it
  • She's very cute when she's with her kids, especially Serena.

    She's currently playing a role in 'The Unit'. She's a mother of three and a wife of a special unit member. A.K.A army wife. She was relocated to Fort Griffith army base after his on screen husband Bob Brown got accepted in the Unit. She was a young mom that's new to the place, people, custom.

    Why is she a mom in the show. She is way too young looking. Her acting was complemented by her daughter Serena early in the show. She's doing a great job playing undercover in season4. That opened up a big opportunity for her in the future. She was very funny when it comes to waiting for Bob to get home. A few times Bob was busy with his work, and Kim (Audrey) was wearing seductive underwear on her bed. :D