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    • Both of Audrey's brothers preceeded her in death, both were from complications due to smoking (heart disease and lung cancer), of which she also succumbed.

    • Audrey was the youngest of four children.

    • Audrey earned the nickname of "The Rock" around the Honeymooners set due to her ability to memorize every line of an episode script and bail out other actors that were having trouble with their lines, since Jackie Gleason insisted on doing shows live without rehearsals.

    • Audrey is buried at Holy Cross Cemetary in Culver City, CA, even though she was not Roman Catholic.

    • Audrey performed at Carnegie Hall when she was 16 years old.

    • Audrey published her memoirs, Love, Alice in October 1994.

    • Audrey oversaw the interior styling of the first-class section of Continental's DC-10s, from rug design to ceiling decor.

    • Audrey was named "TV's Most Promising Star of 1953" by the editors of Television magazine.

    • Audrey was the only member of the Honeymooners cast whose contract required royalties for re-runs and sales of series' episodes.

    • Audrey's brother-in-law was Tonight Show host Steve Allen.

    • Audrey received the Lifetime Achievement Award in Comedy from the American Comedy Awards comission in 1995.

    • Audrey has a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame at 6104 Hollywood Blvd.

    • Audrey was taller than Jackie Gleason, who usually insisted on hiring actors shorter than him to downplay his height.

    • Audrey and her sister Jayne competed in local talent shows against the children of William F. Buckley's family, and in 1944, three of Buckley's daughters were accused of vandalizing the church where the Meadows' father was pastor.

    • Audrey was worried that her glamorous public image would prevent her from being hired for Alice in The Honeymooners, so she had a photographer take pictures of her wearing shabby clothes, looking tired and not wearing make-up, and had them sent to Jackie Gleason. He was impressed by the photos and hired her for the part.

    • Audrey and Joyce Randolph both knew each other before The Honeymooners; they had worked together on the play "No, No, Nanette."

    • Audrey was a mezzo soprano.

    • Audrey was the only member of the "Honeymooners" cast that was paid for tv re-runs and sales of the episodes, required by contract.

    • Audrey has three siblings.

    • Audrey spoke nothing but Chinese until coming to the U.S, because her parents were missionaries and she was born in China.

    • Audrey became the first woman director of the First National Bank of Denver in her post-acting years.

    • Audrey and her sister had nicknames for each other when they were little, Audrey was Sara and Jayne was Elinor.

    • Audrey was a chain smoker.

    • Had a very religious family, her father, Rev. Francis James Meadows Cotter was an Episcopal priest and Audrey's mother, Ida, was a missonary.

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