Audrina Patridge

Audrina Patridge


5/9/1985, Los Angeles, California

Birth Name

Audrina Cathleen Patridge


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Audrina Patridge is one of the core members of the MTV series, The Hills. She wants to be a model and actress but currently works at Epic Records. In January 2007, Audrina won the title of Hollywood Prom Queen at the Hollywood Prom 2007. In 2010, she placed…more


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    • Audrina: Don't be afraid to approach a guy because you'll never know, if you don't go talk to him.

    • Audrina: (on the rumour that Lauren hooked up with her old boyfriend, Justin Bobby) I'm not sure what to believe. Though Justin and I have not been exclusive for quite some time, these rumors are very confusing and hurtful.

    • Audrina: The producers try to get me to persuade guys I'm interested in to be on it. If the paparazzi shoot me out on a date and it's not on the show, it makes the show look fake.

    • Audrina: (on snagging a movie role) [The role is] giving me the chance to show people [what I am capable of]. This is why I moved to L.A.

    • Audrina: I love Halloween and dressing up. I usually have at least three costumes.

    • Audrina: (on her and her 'The Hills' co-star's styles of clothing) We all have our own styles. I'm more edgy. Lauren is really pretty. Whitney is more hippie. Heidi is, uh, I don't even know. All of our different styles make us individuals, though.

    • Audrina: (on her ex-fling, Spencer Pratt) He's a little worse in person actually.

    • Audrina: (on living with Lauren Conrad) It's fun. We have friends come over, and we have like "Taco Night" like once a week. We're always decorating the apartment. It's fun coming home and having someone there to talk to. It's like another living soul is there, so you are not all alone and quiet.

    • Audrina: Me and Lauren [Conrad] take cabs everywhere in L.A. at night. We never drink and drive.

    • Audrina: (about Heidi's remarks in an interview against Lauren) Lauren is such a great friend to Heidi and for someone to betray her and stab her in the back like that is so mean hearted. It's not nice. Not all people are like that.

    • Audrina: Do something that you wanna do. You're gonna benefit from it.

    • Audrina: I mean whatever's supposed to happen is gonna happen.

    • Audrina: (one thing she hates guys to do on their date is) Whenever guys talk about their exes, I hate it. I am not their therapist. I don't want to hear about them breaking up and their issues!

  • Overated. Materialistic.

    don't like her.
  • Outrageous and gorgeous, simply the best, definitely Audrina is my favorite star. She makes the difference in the Hills. Not forgetting Lauren ,,,,, mmmh ,,, I'm still not 100% convinced about the new girly room mate , I see trouble there.moreless

    I really try to follow the weekly episodes , but not enough time though,, I do make space or try to see the weekend summary on MTV … any way ,, I really enjoy time watching Audrina's performance,, What I see in Audrina is that she's more natural kind of girl, not over acting in the scene ,,, even though that is supposed to be a "reality show" other actress used to be more over reacting to the scene scrip. I wish that some time I can see in person Audrina ,, I will include that in my next Christmas wish list. :)moreless