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Austen Parros

Austen Parros

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  • Austen is the best that I've seen in a while! hopefully he'll read this!

    I knew Austen before he moved to L.A. and got big! Austen is the sweetest person ever! I just wish he would have kept in touch with me when he left. But i guess thats what happens to people when they get famous.They forget about people. I gave him a break you know. I would watch his son for hours without pay. But anyway, on his acting skills he's not to bad. I watch every show of south of nowhere! haven't missed a show yet and he is really good. I didn't know he had it in him. I hope that Austen gets a big project soon. I would love to see him on the big screen.Austen if you happen to read this i wish you the best in your career. i love you very much! Look me up sometime i'm still in Denver.

    love Ashleigh k.Rhodesmoreless