Austin Aries

Austin Aries


4/15/1978, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Birth Name

Dan Solwold



Also Known As

Austin Aries, Austin Star, Dan 'Casual' Sexon
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Aries grew up in Waukesha, Wisconsin with three younger siblings. During his schooldays he participated in multiple sports such as football, baseball, and wrestling. His success in baseball as a left-handed center field pitcher lead him to earned several scholarships. Aries attended Winona State University in Winona, Minnesota…more


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    • Austin Aries: (on winning the ROH World Championship) It was a big sense of accomplishment. A lot of things ran through my head at that time. I thought of my grandmother, who has passed away, and how she was looking down on me proudly. I thought about the people who have gotten me to this point, and the last eight months. Eight months ago nobody on the East Coast had really heard of me, and here I am holding the ball in the top independent promotion in the U.S. I also thought about Joe, how hard he worked with the belt and what he had put forth. I was thankful for that moment of passing the torch to me. It is somewhat like Benoit and Guerrero's title wins, I thought about people who say 'You can't do it, you're not big enough.' Their wins were on a grander scale but at the time I felt like them. The emotion took over.

    • Austin Aries: (on winning the ROH World Championship) Obviously it feels great to be "the man". Joe had an incredible run as ROH World Champion, really raising the prestige and bringing the ROH Title to the forefront. Nobody will be able to duplicate what he did. I'm just going to go out and be myself and defend this belt against all comers. As long as I keep myself in top condition and fight off injuries I have all the confidence that I will have just as successful of a run with this belt as my predecessor did.

    • Austin Aires: (on singing) I've always enjoyed singing, and started in choir, oh, probably in the first-grade. And I just stuck with it because, well, it was fun, certainly a lot better than other things I could have been doing. When you get to high school, people often make fun of (males) because they're in choir, but my come-back would always be, 'You're in woodshop with 35 guys and no girls; I'm in choir with 10 guys and 60 girls. So who's the smart one?'

    • Austin Aries: (on A.J. Styles) I know, deep-down inside, A.J. wishes he could wear the boa like I do.