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Austin Basis


Brooklyn, New York

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  • Austin Basis on Beauty and the Beast Sea...
  • Austin Basis as Math on Life Unexpected.
  • Austin Basis as Math stars in Life UneXp...
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6' 4" Austin Basis was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, in a small beach community called Sea Gate. After considering becoming a baseball player and then a doctor, Austin starred in several school productions, and his future as an actor seemed certain. He attended a Mark…more


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    • Soon after graduating from the Actors' Studio Drama School, Austin co-created and performed in an improv and sketch comedy show called "Mmm... Comedy" that ran for 7 months in New York.

    • Austin is a lifetime member of the Actor's Studio, New York. There he has had the privilege to work with the likes of Al Pacino, Faye Dunaway, and Estelle Parsons, and under the tutelege of Ellen Burstyn, Harvey Keitel, Arthur Penn, and Lee Grant.

    • During his time spent struggling to find work as an actor, Austin worked variously as a bartender, a bouncer, a busboy, a cater-waiter, and a substitute teacher to make a living; whilst at the same time taking classes to hone his audition skills.

    • Austin's initial success was in National Commercials. He appeared in spots for Toys 'R' Us, Wendy's, Dr. Pepper, State Farm, and Burger King. He also played Benjamin Bankes, the pig in the Ad Council's "Feed the Pig" campaign.

    • Austin's mother, Shari, was a Health & Physical Education teacher for over 30 years. His father, Arthur, went to school for Hotel & Restaurant Management, but also worked in the Employment industry for several years and has been the Manager of a Meat Distribution Company for almost 20. At one stage Arthur even owned a gourmet candy store.

    • Austin is a good dancer and is able to dance many styles including tap and jazz. In 2004, he choreographed the dance sequences for a film which he also appeared in, "Dorian Blues".

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