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  • Hot mister!

    Nice playing, beautiful face,a lot of job
  • he is so hot..oh my gosh..hes also a great actor..

    i never really know what to say in the summaries so thats my summary slash opinion of him..and yes hes hot..the first time i saw him was on hannah montana and im like oh my gosh who is the hunk and then i saw him on icarly and im like thats the guy from hannah montana so i was completely freaking out..he was so funny on hannah montana being all scared..hes a great actor and comedian, except on zoey 101..they give him some very cheesy lines and i dont know why they do that either..huh..well hes cute and ill watch anything hes in
  • Austin's my 12th editorship.

    You may have seen Austin in back ground acting mainly. For example, iCarly, Hannah Montana, Neds Dec*l*a*s*sifed School Survial Guide, and Drake and Josh. He's even got a movie coming out with actress Ashley Tisdale called They Came From Upstairs. His biggest part so far was Jake krandle on the hit nick show iCarly. Also he was in The Faithful, it was about a boy who wanted his dog to be a real friend to him. From what i've seen him in i think he has the workings to become a pretty good actor and not to mention he's pretty cute.