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  • I loved Austin on Survivor. At first, i didnt' really pay much attention to him. until i realized what an amazing guy he seemed to be.

    Austin Carty is one the most amazing and inspirational guys i think i have ever come to know (besides my boyfriend, Dan, whom i love very much.) when i first visited his myspace ( i was immediateatly hooked on his writing. i can now see why he aspires to be a writer because he has the capability to reach out and touch people. he can connect with them. his blog entries really really inspired me. if you are religous and apprieciate guys who are, i really reccommend reading his blog entires. they are inspirational and he is one of the sweetest most amazing guys you will ever come to relate to through his writing. I love you, Austin!!moreless
  • Very handsome and a Christian

    I hope and pray that Austin will become big as

    An author and that even though he wasn't the true

    Survivor, he will no doubt get a lot of agents as

    Well as know that he is indeed a Christian. Great role model

    Indeed if you ask me. Glad though that he made

    It to the jury at least. The first one on there!