Austin Majors





11/23/1995 , California, USA

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Austin Majors is a show business veteran at 7 years old. He has played Dennis Franz's (Andy Sipowicz) son Theo on ABC's award-winning series NYPD BLUE for 5 seasons. Austin received the Young Artist Award in 2002 for Best Performance in a Drama Series for his compelling performance.

Austin is a scholar as well as an actor. Attending an accelerated 1st and 2nd grade program, Austin is getting high marks in all subjects.

Since he was an infant, Austin's parents were approached by people who thought he should be in commercials. Warm and animated, he's always loved an audience. Even as a toddler he preferred people to toys as his choice of entertainment.

He lent his voice to the Disney animated feature TREASURE PLANET as Young Jim Hawkins earning a 2003 Young Artist Award nomination. In Disney's animated television pilot, INSPECTOR BADGER, Austin is the voice of the lead character, Watson B. Badger. He played the son of Michael Madsen in the film THE PRICE OF AIR and was directed by Forest Whitaker in THE LEGEND OF JOHN HENRY.

Austin also guest starred in an episode of PROVIDENCE on NBC.

Austin is a favorite of advertising agencies and has been chosen to represent over 30 major companies in their national television commercials. He studies tap and ballet dancing, as well as voice training. He also enjoys TaiKwando. He loves animals, which include a pony, dogs, birds, turtles and hermit crabs. He also likes to ride his bike, camp, hike and study in school.