Austin Nichols

Austin Nichols


4/24/1980, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

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Born in Ann Arbor, Michigan to parents David and Kay Nichols, Austin was raised in Ausin, Texas. When he was in high school, Austin didn't excel in the traditional high school sports, like basketball, football, and soccer, but instead was a world-class water skier. His career began when…more


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    • Austin (On why he was on crutches summer of 2006): I broke my leg skateboarding while getting ready for the show. I tried to keep it a secret, I told them I twisted my ankle which was a massive lie. I was worried that if I was hurt they would try to get someone else so I just lied. I healed enough in time to shoot the surfing scenes.

    • Austin (On David Mich, the creator of John From Cincinnati): David is like nobody I have ever seen or worked with before. I have this incredible respect for him and at the same time anger for him. He is so creative and brilliant but also so demanding. I think a good way to describe David would be to call him a "Gentle Dictator" -- he really is both sides of the coin.

    • Austin (On Day After Tomorrow co-star Jake Gyllenhaal): I've learned a ton from Jake. He's a really sharp guy. He told me everything about acting, the business, girls, life.

  • Awesome! Plain and simple!

    I absolutely love this guy. I've seen him in small roles before OTH but once he popped up on the screen as Julian Baker and he flashed that gorgeous grin, I fell in love! He is sooooo sexy! And of course he is an amazing actor! Austin is...well I can't put it into words. I hope he as a long career! P.S Love him with Sophia Bush!! The guy is brilliant. And hilarious as hell on twitter, on his account and on his 'Sensitive Julian' account. Austin Nichols is beautiful in everyway. He's good looking, funny and talented. What more could you want in an actor. Long live AUSTIN'S career!moreless
  • Amazing. In a Nutshell.

    I love this man's acting work. My first time seeing him, would have to be Holiday in the Sun as I was a very avid Mary-Kate and Ashley fan. I just loved every one of his scenes, whether they be humourous or romantic. And then I recently saw him on One Tree Hill. I like how he was first introduced, seemingly evil, but just all some misunderstanding. Of course, my favourite character is Brooke, so the two of them together was awesome for me. And him turning into someone who wanted a family in the end just made me so happy. I wish he had stayed on for later in the Season, he made a good change to the cast. Maybe with CMM's departure they'll bring him back? But anyways, amazing actor. Oh yeah, did I mention he's Gorgeous!!!moreless