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    • Austin: (on leaving Days Of Our Lives for the 2nd time) There was something subtle I picked up on. I kept seeing signs all around, but I have nothing to be sorry about. There's nothing I have to look back on with regret and doubt.

    • Austin: (on the birth of his children) It is the most rewarding and challenging thing I have ever experienced. My sons have such a deep access to my heart.

    • Austin: I would like to have opportunities in my career to do parts that people would remember - either the whole character or certain moments that they personally could really connect to or were really affected by it deeply. The kind of characters that have that kind of impact are Tony Montana, Darth Vader, or Ryan Gosling in The Notebook.

    • Austin: (on feedback from fans) The most profound experience was a six year old little girl named Alexis Johnson who had leukaemia and years ago when was I was new to the show, the mother contacted me and told me how much her daughter enjoyed the show and my character. Over a period of time we talked on the phone and she had this tiny voice but deep wisdom. She was dying. We flew her out to LA to see the show and hung out with her and her mother. We even went to the Days picnic. She was very skinny and had no hair. She was just really into the show and really into my character for reasons that I can not explain. Within six months after talking with her I got a message from her mother that she had died. It's been ten years and I have just started talking to her mother again.

    • Austin: (how he deals with life when his career isn't going the way he planned) Just put one foot in front of the other. Faith.

    • Austin: (what he misses most about Days Of Our Lives) The core group of actors: Christie, Bryan Datillo (Lucas), Alison [Sweeney], Lauren Koslow (Kate). We had fun, and were paid for it. It's truly a family here. I'll miss the camaraderie, certainly.

    • Austin: (about being written off Days Of Our Lives for the 2nd time) I've read that I'm bitter and angry, but I'm not. I do think it's a mistake to let the characters of Carrie and Austin go, but that's not my decision. When I came back a year ago, I somehow knew that this was temporary.