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Austin Russell

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  • Love the show.

    Love this show. I hope it continues. Love all of the characters. The old man and how he cusses is so funny. Chum is precious. I love this show, especially Chum, loved the show with him making the home made wine. But of course the one with him dressed as Santa then an elf was awesome. He is funny without saying a single word. GO CHUM. I think the Chumley needs more airtime. He sure does make the show. You know Rick, sometime you make bad deals too. AND I NEVER see the old man doing anything, he never does anything at all.moreless
  • How could anyone not Love "Chum"? He's destined for the Movies!

    Pawn Stars isn't my favorite show. However Austin Russel or Chummily keeps me watching! Lovable/Funny/Dingy/Apathetic but most of all very fun to watch! I keep asking myself why he hasn't been cast in a Movie yet? Chummily puts up with lots of abuse on the show and seems to handle it like Trooper! I hope he's earning a fortune on Pawn Stars and I really hope his fortunes hold out! This gentle almost child like guy puts a smile on my face every time he's in a shot!!! I want more "Chummily"!!! (((CHUMMILY! CHUMMILY!)))moreless