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Austin St. John

Austin St. John


Roswell, New Mexico, USA

Birth Name

Jason Geiger


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  • I really miss Austin St. John.

    I really enjoyed Austin St. John in the role of Jason Lee Scott on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Power Rangers Zeo, and his guest appearance on Power Rangers Wildforce. He is equal to Jason David Frank as one of the best actors to be a Power Ranger and I really miss seeing him on TV.

    Unfortunately it\'s like he has disapeared, I really wish we had an Offical Website to check up or see him on TV again, he has a very good charisma. I also agree he would be great in martial arts movies like Mortal Combat it\'s rare to find someone who act as good as him, do excellent martial arts, and also be that good looking.

    Well, I hope he\'s doing what he enjoys and is very happy, I wish him all the best and hope to see him either on TV, in movies, or write a book.

    Heck, I\'d even be happy to see him on reality TV or better yet, make a return to Power Rangers like JDF did for Power Rangers Dinothunder! Oh well, I can dream!!! :)moreless
  • Best Red Ranger!!!!!!!!!!

    Austin was one of the good first red rangers that they had when they started making power rangers. I think that they should have brought him back for the RPM rangers series, Even though I was only three when it first started I am now 20 YEars old and I have watched all 17 Seasons of power rangers With multipulp Red Rangers Austin Played The red Ranger really well. IF they do another season of Power Rangers PLease Consider comming back for the Season so that us Fans get to see You play on last time Before hanging up th rope. When It returns Please also bring Jason David Franks he was also a relly good Ranger as well.moreless