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  • My favourite actress.

    What shocks me more than anything else about Autumn Reeser is how similar she is to her famous played character in The O.C., Taylor Townsend. Overachiever who deserves way more credit than she is given. For such a phenomenal actress, you would expect her to have been hit up heavily around the industry. For the most part though, her colleagues from The O.C. have gotten way more attention. Her quirky and charming character can just brighten up a day and most of all, she is as beautiful as she is great at acting. Her character Taylor Townsend reminds me a lot of an adult version of London in the Suite Life of Zack and Cody; both dorks but are really charming and funny. Autumn Reeser is really one of the best in the business, and it's a shame that she isn't anymore recognized than she is now.
  • I just wish she'd have more projects for me to look out for.

    Like in other reviews, i hated her at first in The OC. But everything changed when she was finally teamed-up with Ben McKenzie. Taylor and Ryan are just the couple you'd love to watch. just the right combination of love, drama and super funny which made Ryan Atwood, Ben's character in The OC, light and fun to watch. I just love Autumn Reeser! I hope she'd have more shows for me to watch out for. She's very talented bacause she can make me hate her or love her depending on the character that she portrays. I miss watching her, specially in The OC.
  • What more can i say?! You Rock!

    Autumn Reeser you have definately revived The OC, you and your professional acting skills made The OC fun and very exciting to watch again, i hated your character in season 3 but in season 4 when Taylor fell inlove with Ryan i looved you!

    You really know how to play your parts really, really well, you are a superb actress and i want to personally thank you for making me tune into every OC episode this season!!

    Now that The OC is over i want to really wish you the best of luck in all of your future roles, don't let us down, you deserve the best roles you can get!

    You Rock Autumn Reeser :)
  • Shes singlehandedly made the OC a fav again!

    She was firstly the queen B**** on the OC in the third season. I didn't really know what to think of her. She acted alright I suppose, as she went from Summer and Seths nemesis to their friend. However in Season 4 she was added to the regulars and has singlehandedly put The OC back on the map.

    With her quick humour, she can come up with a joke about almost everything.

    Her relationship now with one of the main actors on the show, Benjamin Mckenzie's Ryan is brilliant and she really portrays that the two are perfect for eachother.

    She is now one of the finest actors on the show and I really hope that it doesn't get cancelled so we can spend some more time with her.
  • Autumn Reeser is a pretty girl and good actress, I mean. I think, when she have come on a The O.C place, this sitcoms began to go up, rally.

    Autumn Reeser is a pretty girl and good actress, I mean. I think, when she have come on a The O.C place, this sitcoms began to go up, rally. She is very amazing on scene and her relatinship with Ryan is for me very impressive. Autumn give a more and more necessary flavour after Marissa death. I think, that she can amends Marissa in 100 percent,cause she is very good.At each image she develop with great account, and this is very necessary for other advanced step to better and better looks The O.C
  • At first when i saw her on the OC i hated her, i was like she's such a evil b***h, but now she's good

    She's so damn funny on the oc! with her japanese threesome and her fab five..she's really good and deserves to be on a separate show full time too..

    she was the manipulative psycho, but now she's the quick witted co star!

    i hope she appears in more shows often, cauz she is clearly underappreciated..

    and a lil hot too
  • Hello, My name is gabriel galand, i am french and i am writing this article to improve my english.

    Hopefully i will not disappoint you if you are reading this note:
    I personnally find autumn reeser very cute in the complete savage. I have watched all episodes and she is always handsome. Unfortunately, there are only twelve episodes because they did not make enough money to continue. I hope the producer will make new episodes in a few months...
    Let's just hope that one day
    Now, thanks to those who will read this review, for that i will win points

  • very cute

    i think autumn reeser is very very cute. one of my favorites on the oc. she could be scary some times in the show but overall shes very cute. I have to type 50 words so this is what i am going to say. i think autumn reeser is hot.