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    • Autumn: (on enjoying reading and how that influenced her) When I was little, I was a voracious reader, and that really led me to acting as well. I loved being transported into someone else's life, and that's what reading provided me. I also really love to entertain people.

    • Autumn: (on the difficulties of being a role model for her child) Whatever you want your child to learn, you have to model that every day. There's no more waiting around. Once you have a child, there's no dress rehearsal anymore.

    • Autumn: (on she wanting to be in a musical) I would love to do a big-budget movie musical - I feel like there is one big musical movie a year. And I'm always there at the theater to see them - I love them.

    • Autumn: (on new opportunities after appearing in the TV series Entourage) After Entourage, it completely opened up my casting within the industry. People saw me for a lot of roles that I hadn't been seen for before. Older roles. I went out this pilot season for a lot of lawyers and doctors. And cops - which I haven't quite mastered yet; I find that quite difficult.

    • Autumn: (on Star Trek New Generation actors she liked) Wil Wheaton, Patrick Stewart and Jonathan Frakes were all the early formidable crushes of my girlhood.

    • Autumn: (on wanting to be in the TV series Entourage which she did) Oh my gosh, I would love to guest star on Entourage.

    • Autumn: (on when she was single) I've gone up to a random guy in a grocery store before and said, 'Hi, I think you're cute. Are you single?' I'm not smooth. I just put it out there.

    • Autumn: (on starting acting at a early age) I've been acting since I was 7, and I always knew it was what I wanted to go into.

    • Autumn: (on liking dogs) I'm such a dog person. I dunno, I just feel like it really enriches your life, to have something to care for.

    • Autumn: (on doing movies) I would love to do more films. I really like the whole process of doing that. I like how close you become to everybody.

    • Autumn: (on how she relates to roles) I relate to Nora's transformation in Henrik Ibsen's A Doll's House, and I also relate to both sisters' journeys in John Madden's film Proof.

    • Autumn: (on why she loves acting) I love to act because I love trying on other people's skin.

    • Autumn: (on being a mother) I love being a mom - I really do! I didn't realize how much I would love it!

    • Autumn: (on the type of role she likes to play) I like to play strong women.

    • Autumn: (on the type of role she likes to play) I like playing smart women very, very much because I definitely learn from them.

    • Autumn: (on her process to prepare) I gain a lot of confidence through study.

    • Autumn: (on her fear of submarines although her part in the TV series Last Resort she had a role as crew in one) I am terrified of submarines.

    • Autumn: (on playing conflicts in the movies and TV) Conflict is always fun to play.

    • Autumn: (on self-worth) You're not going to get every part, so you can't base your sense of self-worth around whether or not you actually land the job.

    • Autumn: (on the process of pilots for TV) I think a lot of actors, we under-prepare emotionally for how intense pilot season can be. And we underprepare the people around us, our support system. So when it starts taking up more time than you expect it to, we feel guilty.

    • Autumn: (on her wardrobe) I love to simplify and edit the contents of just about anything, but women's closets hold particular appeal to me. I edit mine about four times a year and hold a yearly 'clothing swap' to encourage my girlfriends to do the same.

    • Autumn: (on her cooking) I love food and am very good at improvising when preparing it - it's a really creative experience for me.

    • Autumn: (on wanting a part in a romantic comedy) I really wanted to try my hand at playing a romantic comedy lead. I think it's actually a much more delicate balance than people realize, and it's a genre I always felt I could excel in.

    • Autumn: (on The OC when she joined) I didn't watch the show before. No, but you couldn't not know about the show and know who was on the show and know what the show was about. You couldn't miss it. It was such a huge deal.

    • Autumn: (on The OC ending) Yeah, it is happy and it's sad. It's nice to be able to go out and know that we did a really good season this year. That's a really nice feeling to be able to feel you are going out on top. Sad because I am going to miss everyone. But hopefully it's a small world in the business so it'll be nice to see people in other jobs. I'm going to miss it. I'm going to miss everyone. I'm going to miss my dressing room, because I painted it.

    • Autumn: (on being a murder victim on CSI) It was so cool. I totally took pictures of it. I had three giant stab wounds in my chest. Actually shooting the murder was a lot scarier than I thought it would be. I was so freaked out of my mind the whole next day. Serious. I was really, really disturbed by it. I guess because I had never shot a death scene before.

    • Autumn: (on her family watching The OC) My grandparents watch now, which is so cute.

    • Autumn: (on her dog Gatsby) When he turned one, I threw him a doggie birthday party. I invited eight of his doggie friends and it was a Great Gatsby theme. It was called "An Afternoon Lawn Party" and it was all decorated in green and daisies which is very Great Gatsby-esque. The dogs were running around and everyone got a doggie bag when they left. It was really fun and I think I'm going to do it again this year.

    • Autumn: (on her dog Gatsby) He watches himself in the mirror, he's a little vain. I bought him a little stuffed Tiffany box with an engagement ring inside that he can chew on.

    • Autumn: (on Taylor) She is ridiculous. I can't wait to get every script because I never know what she is going to do!

    • Autumn: (on her idea of a romantic date) Going out to a great restaurant. I am really into cooking and food. My boyfriend and I went ATVing recently and that was fun.

    • Autumn: (on wanting to start a family) All my friends are having them, and I do want one someday, just not right now.

    • Autumn: (on getting recognized more) I don't get a lot of people approaching me, but the ones that do are so nice. I thought people might throw sodas at me because I was mean to Summer. There is always a risk in playing the villain! But they usually say they are glad I am on the show.

    • Autumn: (on how she keeps in shape) Besides yoga, I dance a lot. It's fantastic, though I am not that good. I am not crazy about working out.

    • Autumn: (on who her OC character Taylor would pick- Seth or Ryan) Probably Seth because I tend to like the nerd.

    • Autumn: (on what's next for her OC character Taylor) You'll meet her parents and get insight into her. She's a good girl, just misguided.

    • Autumn: (on her OC character Taylor) She's controlling and a perfectionist. I went to school with girls like her and I draw on them.

    • Autumn: (on unknowingly having played a part in a soft core movie) At 18, I played a journalist in a movie. A year later, I saw it on TV and found out it was a soft core porn film!