Avery Brooks

Avery Brooks


10/2/1948, Evansville, Indiana, USA

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Avery Franklin Brooks


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For a man without any hair, Avery Brooks certainly wears a lot of hats. Stage, screen and television actor; director; jazz and opera singer; college professor; film narrator; civil rights activist; Avery Brooks excels at every career path he has chosen. Born in Evansville, Indiana, he and his…more


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    • Avery: (on the role of Benjamin Sisko) When I read the pilot script, it was the presentation of a man dealing with loss and raising a son, and how he handled those situations, that really got my attention.

    • Avery Brooks (talking about the human tendency not to learn from history's lessons): People do not connect with what happened last week, let alone what happened 20 years ago.

    • Avery Brooks: (discussing the final episode of Deep Space Nine) The show ran for seven years. It was a long, long road. I did have some reservations initially when I read the script [for the series finale: 'What You Leave Behind'], because I thought they were going to really kill Sisko. I took that very literally, and asked the producers, 'Why are you killing Sisko?' The Producers told me, 'Look we thought you'd be thrilled because we had made him a God!' The difference, of course, is you have Sisko with another child on the way. You still have Sisko with a young man [Jake Sisko] trying to find his way, and you make him a God! That wasn't fair.

    • Avery (On his reasons for taking a role in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine): One of the reasons that I accepted, once asked to do Star Trek, was to give a single child a chance to see the long thought, to see themselves some 400 years hence. It occurred to me that we must ensure that we keep in front of children the ever-changing horizon. To let the children know that there is possibility, to let the children know that someone is not going to take away or destroy this world before they have a chance.

    • Avery: If I were a carpenter, I'd find a way to empower using that skill. I'm using as much as God has given - my mind, my voice, my heart, my art forms. This is the highest form of expression on the planet from God, to me, to you.

    • Avery (On his role as Hawk in Spenser: For Hire & the show's spin off, A Man Called Hawk): I never thought of myself as the sidekick. I've never been the side of anything. I just assumed that I was equal. People ask, `Aren't you excited to get a spin-off?' and I say, `No, no. This is not a spin-off. Hawk was already spinning.'

    • Avery: It's the year 2000. But where are the flying cars? I was promised flying cars! I don't see any flying cars! Why? Why? Why?

  • Very talented actor- lead DS9 through 7 seasons- what more is there to say? (but please read on, if your not convinced yet)

    I think that any actor that can be the main character of a TV series for seven seasons must be a good actor. It turns out that Avery Brooks is. In fact, he's excellent.

    In Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Brooks played his role better than any other lead in all the Star Trek shows. He had a character, and was able to show it on screen. He showed emotion very well, even through subtlety when it was needed. The sign of a good actor is if he is able to take the fictional situations the character is in, and make the character come to life. Avery Brooks succeeded in this in every episode of DS9.

    Brooks created a real character during the run of the series. He was a believable actor. This reality is extremely important in science-fiction, when the suspension of reality is taken to the extreme. Brooks made it seem easy; in reality, it's not.

    It's unfortunate that Avery Brooks has not appeared in anything major since the series ended. I would have thought he could have become extremely successful. But I suppose I will just have to be content with Brooks being extremely successful in what he has done, and in what he decides to do in the future.moreless