Avery Rice Williams

Avery Rice Williams

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Avery Williams
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  • ....... this is soo amusing.... geee... I get to write a review about Avery on the internet... lol...


    ummm.... I gave her pink hair... (I feel like like a celebrity is one of my best friends when I'm at this site X_x) and I do her pigtails often. She introduced me to mushroom juice.

    She is one of the most interesing little boxes that you will ever meet.

    Well, I love avery because she feeds me vegan waffles in the morning (and... just because she is a little short {you did get taller I swear} love box that I can't not love)


    Oh I just noticed that this review has to be 100 words minimmum.. okkkk well... I'm going to keep typing... ok this is 102 words so now I am going to (110 words!) stop.

    (I love you like misalanious clocks and bed comphorters and emo kid mice with vegan waffles on top)

    ok... now peacemoreless
  • I think Avery is awsome!! Well I go to the same school as her and I was talking to her about Fullmetal Alchemist and she told me she was Fletcher!!! I have drama with her and I think she's awsomemoreless

    She's a funny person all of our friends like her!! And we LOVE her colorful hair!!! She's AWSOME and her dad taught us kabuki and it was fun!! They're both really cool!! ^_^ I can't believe I met her it was halarious...She's super cool and awsome!!

    Dealey Friend and FMA freak,