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  • Avril Lavigne

    She is awesome. I have two Avril Lavigne albums on my phone and I listen to her constantly on YouTube. She has an amazing voice and listening to her songs makes me want to dance and sing along with her. Her voice is amazing for all kinds. Me and my best friend are in love with her. She's just amazing. She's no Carrie Underwood or anything that big, but she is awesome in my world.
  • Avril Lavigne

    Avril lavigne is a awesome singer. She sangs the most cool songs i've ever heard from all her albums. She will always be my favorite female singer, well of course taylor swift too, but avril rocks!.
  • Good performer

    She manages to maintain edgy and cute at the same time as far as her genres. She has a good simple voice, but her song are great, I like watching her perform, it's exciting!
  • Avril Lavigne ROCKS!!

    Avril Lavigne is a wonderful singer!!Avril has sang some of the best songs I have ever heard!! My favorites are My Happy Ending,Complicated and Sk8er Boy. I like her old songs better than her news ones personally. Avril has really changed alot since she first started, going from super punk to pop-ish punk, but its okay she still rocks!! Avril is just an amazing singer and such a cool person! Her songs are so deep(well the old ones)She is just such an amazing performer! Overall I think Avril definatley deserves a A+++++ because she's one of the best singers ever!! Go Avril!
  • She makes me so hot!

    This rock/pop musician is absolutely incredible! Her talents are not to be underestimated! To challenge this person to a battle or duel without having trained your pants off prior to challenging her would be so noobish! I see her as not only a way-awesome and talented rock/pop star, but to me, she's also a sort-of modern day warrior. If you've ever played RuneScape, you could almost picture her wearing full Dragon armor and carrying not one, but TWO Dragon swords! If I met her, I would certainly ask for her autograph. She is the top female rock star in my book! So, rock on, Avril!
  • I absolutly LOVE her!!!!

    Avril Lavigne is my absolute favorite singer of all time!!! She's not one of those bubblegum happy pop singers, which i love! She's definatly her own person. Her songs are awesome too, from "Girlfriend" to "Sk8er Boi" (both of which are me all-time favorites of hers). I went to one of her concerts to, and she acually sounded really good live! Some singers sound fine on the tracks, but sound awful live, and I'm very glad to see she's not like that. Her pink guitar and drum and microphone, and.....basically everything looked awesome too! All in all, this girl is definatly one of the best pop singers of this time.
  • what can you say, anyone who lisens to her music knows what she is about.

    any who is interested in music has listened to avril lavigne and thought she made her life with the thing she has loved in her life. she's not one of those music star that just sing what others write for her, she writes song and some she sings and some others sing. breakaway was sung by kelly clarkson for the soundtrack of the princess diaries two and avril wrote the amazing song about leaving a small town life to escape into the world to make something of yourself. i personally think it reflects her life, she made something of herself with what she loves. i like avril because she stands out from other artist for what she does.
  • Songwriter, actress, singer, pianoist. Wow! She's wow!

    One word would describe this girl- Amazing! She is so talneted. She plays like a million instruments. She is seriously one of the all time greatest. I mean her songs are so awesome and totally catchy. I cant think of any singer who can beat her in being a queen of all rock star. She is absoublutely amazing. Wow! I love when you're gone. It such a meaningul song. I love it so much. I have to listen to it at least 5 times a week to have peace in my mind. Just like click , she rocks like wow! go avril
  • Amazing Singer.

    She's amazing! I love her songs! she has an awesome style of Punk/rock she's really anything but ordinary. in her first album "Let Go" her songs are awesome like S8er boi I like how her songs are well written and a fine example, as you can see she has an awesome style in her second album "Under My Skin" was more mature and awesome like her song "My happy ending" but her latest album she changed her image I was shocked but It's her life and I understand her, she became girly, I really miss her Punk/rock style but her songs are still awesome like "Keep Holding On and "Slipped Away"
  • Avril is a really great singer!

    Avril is one of my favorite singers. Me and my cousins listen to her a lot. She has a totally different style from a lot of girls nowadays and she isn't afraid to be herself. I love her punkish style music. A lot of her songs are about how she won't change for a guy or how she will never be anything that she's not. She has had three albums so far: Let Go, Under My Skin, and The Best D*mn thing. My current favorite song by her is Freak Out from Under My Skin. Its like the anthem of all punks. Anyways, Avril has had a lot of great songs and I hope she keeps doing more because she is a really good singer and I love how she's different from everyone else.
  • she is the best singer in the world i want to be like her when i am older.

    Avril lavigne was born september the 27, 1984 in Napanee, Ontario which is in canada.At the age of 16 she had already dropped out of school, moved to New York City and began to start a career in music.In 2002 her first album came into stores.Her first album was called 'Let Go' which included the song "complicated" which went up to the top of the charts.her third album was called 'The Best Damn Thing' reached number on the U.S billboard. Her fave things are:
    animal: koala
    game: uno
    food:Pizza from La Pizzeria in Napanee and smoothies candy: Pixi Stix, Sour Keys
    sodas: Coke, grape and root beer
    colours: Red and black
    style of music: Rock
    bands: Sum 41, Green Day, The Used, Nirvana and lots of others letters: A and S
    sports: Hockey, soccer and basketball clothes: Dickies and Kitschy tees
    shoes: Osiris and Converse
    song from Let Go: Losing Grip
    song from Under My Skin (her second album): Take Me Away and Together
  • Though she was troubled as a teen, she sure set a life ahead of her.

    The first time I heard an Avril Lavigne song was when I was with my friends at age thirteen. A girl, three years older, started singing softly. "So much for my happy ending...o-oh, o-oh, yeah..."

    I was interested. And, even though I had never heard the real version, the song was stuck in my head for at least a month. I was curious and searched for the song and the artist. When I finally found out, I was amazed at how many other hits she had made. S8er Boi, Fall to Pieces, Mobile, One of Those Girls, and Who Knew? are my personal favorites.

    But to set things straight: most of her songs are for troubled teens. Which is a lot of people. I'm not going to trail my life after hers, for I wish to lead another sort of life. Overall, she seems strong-willed, though I'm sure she was one rebellious kid (something my parents would freak out over if I was such). She's talented and I'm sure she'll do well later on in life.
  • Actress, singer, pianist, guitarist, drummer and model.

    Born on September 27, 1984, Avril Ramona Lavigne has stormed the world since her first album release Let Go in 2002 which sold more than 18 million copies worldwide. Her second album Under My Skin debuted at number 1 in the U.S. and many parts of the world. Her third album The Best Damn Thing released in April of 2007 also debuted at number 1 in the U.S. She made her film debut in the animated movieOver the Hedge where she lended her voice to a character named Heather. She can be seen acting in the movies The Flock and Fast Food Nation. On July 15, 2006, she married Sum 41 lead singer/guitarist Deryck Whibley.
  • I L-O-V-E Her!!!

    Avril Ramona Lavigne was born on September 27, 1984 (age 23)
    Avril was born in Napanee, Ontario Avril Lavigne's third album, The Best D*** Thing, was released on April 17, 2007
    Avril is a Canadian rock/punk-pop singer, musician and actress. Avril is married to Deryck Whibley, And has won awards like Teen Choice Awards for Choice Music Single (Girlfriend)UK Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards for Best Female Singer. Avril is such a great singer and her songs Girlfriend, Keep holding on, When your gone and many more Are the best songs Iv ever heard!!!Avril won two World Music Awards in 2004 for "World's Best Pop/Rock Artist" and "World's Best-Selling Canadian Artist, What a great singer!!
  • Avril Lavigne is a singer best known for hit song Complicated.

    Avril Lavigne was born Avril Ramona Lavigne on September 27, 1984 in Belleville, Canada. At the age of 16, she went to New York City to work in singing. She was born the middle child out of three children. Her first single and most popular is Complicated. Her trademark is her bitter lyrics and a lot of eyeliner and eyeshadow. I think Avril is an awesome singer, in my opinion. In late 2004, she got a tattoo of a heart with a "D" inside it on her left wrist refering to boyfriend Deryck Whibley. On June 25, 2005, Avril announced she was engaged to Deryck Whibley. They wed on July 15, 2006. Avril's parents are French-Canadians Judy and John Lavigne. I love Avril Lavigne's music and I hope to continue to hear more great music from her.
  • Avril is amazing

    I love Avril's music so much. I just saw her new video "Hot" a few minutes ago for the first time. And let me tell you, it was way way way hott. I loved it. She's so creative and talented. I love her song "Girlfriend" my favorite line is "Hell yeah i'm the mother **** princess!" That's great!! I would say that too haha. I love Avril cause she's not afraid to be herself. And that's a very good thing, we need more people in the world who arent afrain to be themselves. As long as Avril writes and sings music, I'll listen to it.
  • She's just being herself, and I love that!

    One of the main reasons I love Avril's muic is because it's her. It's her personality, her attitude, just her. I love her songs and the lyrics. Anything But Ordinary, Things I'll Never Say, Contageous, Innocence, When You're Gone, The Best Damn Thing, Happy Ending, Don't Tell Me, basically all of them. I think the most beautiful of them all is Innocence. It's an amazing song. A moment of pure bliss, a moment that's so beautiful, it makes you wanna cry. I watched the dvd that came with the cd, and it showed the making of some of the songs. I wanted to see if Innocence was on there which it was. They were really trying to find something special to make the song what it is. They actually got drunk while writing this song. The original way the song was supposed to turn out, it didn't sound, but when they finally got everything together, the outcome was great. And in Girlfriend, on the part where she's singing 'any second you'll be wrapped around my finger' It sounds like girls laughing. One is Avril, and the second is one of her producers Luke. So if it sounds like a girl, it's him. If you watch that dvd, you get to see a personal look at Avril, and she's awesome!
  • Avril Rocks!

    Avril Lavigne is so so talented. I love her singing. I have 2 of her albums. Her 1st one and her latest one. I prefer her 1st one and her older songs were definitely better! I liked Complicated, Sk8er Boi, He Wasn't and loads, loads more. Her new album is really good but it is more pop less punk. I still love it though! Her look has changed aswell. She looks great and way more mature. I love the blonde hair.
    She has also acted in film "Over The Hedge" and I actually didnt know which charactor she was going to play, but as soon as I heard her voice, I knew it was her!
    She is one of the All time greats and continues to get better.
  • Worth Listening to

    I love Avril Lavigne! Her music has gone a little bit down hill with her album The Best Damn Thing but she's still awesome! I actually own all of her albums which isn't something that I can say about many artists/bands.

    I loved Let Go it was full of great songs like Compicated, Losing Grip, Naked, Tomorrow, Anything but Ordinary, and Sk8er Boi! Most of the CD was completely awesome with the exception of a few songs that were just okay.

    Under My Skin was also incredible! I loved almost every song from Take Me Away to Slipped Away with the exception of He Wasn't. The Best Damn Thing isn't the best album, but it's still full of great songs like Innocence, When your gone, and Keep Holding On.

    Avril Lavigne is a really good artist, not the best I've ever heard but she's still got some really good stuff and is worth listening to.
  • My hero and role-model!

    Avril Lavigne is an exceptional human being with many talents! While her music is over the top! It's also very original and inspiring to me and many others. Avril Lavigne is a great role-model despite what the press makes her out to be! She's sweet, caring, giving, inspirational, encouraging, and strong! Since 2002 she's taught many of us through words and her music that you shouldn't care what others think and to follow your own path. Her music, can actually connect to me and many others in several ways and teaches all of us that none of us are alone in this world! She's a true hero and inspiration! Two thumbs up!
  • She's amazing!

    I have to admit, Avril Lavigne is an amazing singer! I love all her punk songs. My Happy Ending, that has been a huge inspiration for me! Nobody's Home, that's how I picture myself sometimes. Sk8er Boi I heard when I was like 9 and I still love it. Complicated was also one of her bests. Keep Holding on.. wow. She is amazing. And a force to be reckoned with. Amazingly though, I hate her new preppy style. I hate it. Girlfriend is the worst song I have heard almost ever in my entire life. Still, she is amazing and let's hope she makes more new songs punk style, and dunks her new preppy style for good.
  • She's got attitude!

    Avril is an amazing singer! I've heard all three of her CDs, and I love them all! I love her sass! Some of her songs are hilarious! When she gets sassy, she is very funny!

    In Don't Tell Me, I loved how she said "So get out of my head. Get off of my bed. Yeah, that's what I said." Those lines made me laugh!

    I also love her ballads. She sings some beautiful songs as well. Some of them actually make me cry. She sings them so beautifully.

    I love the way Avril expresses herself through her music. She writes her own songs, and I can relate to some of them. I love her music, and I can't wait for her fourth CD!
  • Give her a show!

    Give her a show and I would watch every hour of every day she is so amazing and I love her so much. I hate how everyone beats on her becuase of her new CD. she just wanted to make something fun and upbeat that everyone would love and you blame her for it?
  • My favourite singer ever

    She is an amazing singer. I loved her first CD, I loved her second CD, so you can guess, I loved her third CD. I like the songs "Slipped Away", "Tomorrow", "Girlfriend" and many, many more. She is a trendsetter (even if people should not use the same language as she does). She makes good rock songs, and good softer songs. You name it, she does it well. She sings really well. I saw her in concert once, and she was really good then too. She could sound good anywhere, anytime. I saw a video of her preforming while sick, and even that was good.
  • Very good voice!!I love her!

    Avril is one of my favorite singers of all time! Avril was my first favorite singer! When I was about 10, I got the Let Go CD for my brithday, and I couldn't stop listening! Finally the CD got So scratched, I had to throw it away and buy a new one! ^_^ Then for Christmas a few years later I got Under My Skin, the CD/DVD thing, and the songs were alot heavier and the lyrics made more sense. Now, Avril's 3rd CD, The Best Damn Thing, is out and I am a little dissapointed, the songs went from rock, to pop. But Avril Still rox my sox! Rock on Av!
  • u got to love her.

    Avril Lavigne is awesome and is a very talented singer . I love all of her songs and music videos . She dresses realy cool and doesnt care what anyone says about her . I love to watch her on tv and in her music videos. She has a great voice and is very talented . I hope she contiues her career and writes more awesome songs . She is definatley my favorite singer and i would love to meet her one day. I hope she continues to be awesome because music would suck without her. Which is why shes the best
  • I Love Her!

    Not only Avril Lavigne can sing very well, but she can dress like whatever she likes. I wrote her a few letter because I very much in love with her. It's too bad she got married last year. But I still in love with her. Everytime her vedio comes on I had to drop what I'm doing and watch. she is a real sweetheart to me. Everytime she appers on screen, I had to watch. she is no Brittney Spears, she is tuly a singer and a very wonderful sexy singer she is. Even her name is very sexy. She's a beautiful angel to me.
  • Give her a show! The Avril Lavign Show!

    I seriously love Avril Lavigne's work. She has come a long way with her music. Her first CD was great. Her second CD was better, and I imagine her newest CD will be AWESOME!!! I love her poetry in her deep and personal songs. I love how she expresses herself. I do the same with my poetry. I write my own poems, and I write about what's inside of me, just like Avril does with her songs. One song that brought tears to my eyes was "Slipped Away." She was singing about how she lost her grandfather and never got to say goodbye to him. She also expressed how much she misses him and that she loves him so much. I know how she feels. I have lost loved ones as well, and it hurt.

    I guess I'm like Avril in a way, because she and I both express ourselves and what's inside of us through our poetry and music.
  • Shes Perfect!

    this girl is a perfect little angel / devil shes just perfect i love all of her songs they are all so EMO shes a greta person i hope she can continue her carrer up till death :D she sings wonderful her voice is Fab so freaking good and all of her 2 cd's that have been released have been the best she really knows how to sing but beauty is her biggest thing shes awesome i hope that no one can bring her down and ROCK ON aVRIL ROCK ON! i know u can your the best so nothing wish her luck!
  • avril lavigne

    aloha everybody! avril lavigne is one of my favorite female singer artist! avril is totally rock! she's so awesome as she played and song her musics...i think i'm inlove with her..hehe..a canadian girl that was succesfully made the people inspires and inlove with her! avril lavigne is one of my bestfriend i wish!i want her to have her own show in disney channel!
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