• S 1: Ep 21 I Think I Want to Return to the Crossroad. Would Have Been Better if I Had Chosen the Right One. That Journey Filled Only With..
  • S 1: Ep 20 Love is Beyond Reason. Lovers Who Say This to One Another are Poets, Critics, Philosophers.
  • S 1: Ep 19 I Move on as I am Losing Interest. Most of the Time Though, I Seem to Have Already Lost Interest Before I Move on.
  • S 1: Ep 18 Aren't You Taking too Much for Granted? Complaining That You are Claustrophobic While You are Hiding in Your Own Shell.
  • S 1: Ep 17 I Have Lies That I Want to Expose. I Have Truths That I do Not Wish to Believe. I Have One of These Each.
  • S 1: Ep 16 I do Writhe in Embarrassment When I Reminisce My Childhood. Moreover so if I Make Comparisons.
  • S 1: Ep 15 The Things Hidden From View are Destroying Everything Around it. Since it Was Never There, Nothing Can be Done to Deal With it.
  • S 1: Ep 14 There Was Never an Instance Where the Tuning Matched. I Have Come to Think That There Exists a Better Spot Out There.
  • S 1: Ep 13 The Vase Was Leaning Toward One Side, Yet You Didn`t Notice? Because There Was Not Even a Drop of Water Left.
  • S 1: Ep 12 To Bind. To Deceive. To Take Away. To Give. What`s Most Painful is to Wait.
  • S 1: Ep 11 Time Does Not Solve the Thorns In Our Heart. It Just Puts A Label of Oblivion On It.
  • S 1: Ep 10 The Reason a One Person Fight Feels Hollow isn`t Just Because it`s One Person. The Eyes of the Audience Hurt.
  • S 1: Ep 9 There's No Need For Clever Scenarios In Memories. The Second They Come Out, Everyone Speaks Nonsense of Them.
  • S 1: Ep 8 The Less Time We Have, the More We Accomplish, the More We End Up Doing. Love, as Well.
  • S 1: Ep 7 An Image Must Always Be Built Upon. Because It is Something That Falls Apart From the Beginning.
  • S 1: Ep 6 A Good Way to Forget Your Own Problems. How About Sticking Your Head into Other People's Troubles?
  • S 1: Ep 5 The One Who Stands in the Way May Not Only be the Ones Close to You. The People Whom You do not Know are to a Greater Extent...
  • S 1: Ep 4 There are Times You Feel a Mutual Understanding More Than You Can Ever Imagine. Yet, the Reverse is Just as Frequent.
  • S 1: Ep 3 Hand to Hand, Shoulder to Shoulder, Back to Back, And Then. It is Fine Even With Clothing
  • S 1: Ep 2 Do You Believe In Encounters Scheduled Long Before?
  • S 1: Ep 1 Right, From That Time On, The Switch is Turned On Already