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Aya Hisakawa

Aya Hisakawa


11/12/1968, Kaizuka, Osaka Prefecture, Japan

Birth Name

Hisakawa Aya



Also Known As

Hisakawa Aya
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Aya Hisakawa is a popular Japanese voice actress. Her first breakout series was voicing Ami Mizuno aka Sailor Mercury in the Sailor Moon series. But her voice range is fairly diverse, handling such characters as "Prince" Yuki Sohma in Fruits Basket, the loveable mascot Kero-chan in Cardcaptor Sakura,…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • At Animazement 2005, Aya considers her first lead role in a TV series to be Youko Nakajima in Twelve Kingdoms. After auditioning for another character, Shokkei, Aya was asked to read for Youko. Twelve Kingdoms ran in Japan from 2002-2003.

    • Aya has hosted several radio shows: Pajama Night, Shiny Night: Kouryuu no Mimi, and More More Impression. Some of the shows featured drama readings of popular animes such as Dirty Pair and Gunsmith Cats.

    • One of Aya's favorite foods is Kentucky Fried Chicken.

    • In November 1996, Aya hosted a college festival event at the Rika Daigaku in Tokyo, where she made some Japanese foods such as like yakisoba and okonomiyaki while interacting with her fans.

    • Aya was a featured guest at the Animazement 2005 convention, held in Durham, North Carolina. This was one of her rare appearances in the United States.

    • In addition to her regular albums, Aya has released a greatest hits album, Portrait, which covers various CD Singles up to 1997. She also released a concert album Hisakawa Aya Live! in 1998. She also released a 3-CD set called Character Song Collection which covers some of her anime characters she voiced from 1989-1998.

    • Aya's regular-length albums include:
      Aya - Toki wo Tsumuide, Fantasy, Hi-Ka-Ri, For you and me, marching Aya, and Yakusoku.

    • Aya's first album, Toki Two Tsumuide, was released on December 21, 1993. The CD includes diary entries and song lyrics in her own handwriting as well as some of her drawings.

    • Aya has collaborated with many voice actors in various anime music groups including:

      Goddess Family Club (Ah My Goddess)
      Peach Hips (Sailor Moon)
      Idol Project (Idol Project)
      Gun Smith Cats (Gunsmith Cats)
      Angels (Denno Sentai Voogie's Angel)

    • Aya's video game console work includes voicing Rachel in the .hack series, Shizuka Nakamoto in Sotsugyo, Xianghua in Soul Calibur, and Tomoko Honda in True Love Story. All the above titles have had several generations of games.

    • Aya's stats are:
      Height: 158 cm
      Weight: 40 kg
      Shoe size: 23 cm
      Blood Type: A
      measurements (metric): 76-59-??

    • Aya Hisakawa does some singing with castmates Kikuko Inoue and Yumi Touma on the Ah! My Goddress soundtrack and drama CD's. The trio is known as the Goddess Family Club.

    • During an interview about the anime , Hisakawa was asked what animal of the zodiac she would be. Said she would be a rat, since she has fond memories of voicing Yuki Sohma.

    • Ms. Hisakawa's most memorable impression from the Fruits Basket anime was her character, Yuki Sohma, dressed as a cute girl for the school festival.

    • In the Fruits Basket interview, Ms. Hisakawa said she and her character, Yuki Sohma, share something in common: they both like to grow vegetables. She has planted eggplant and cucumber.

    • Ms. Hisakawa drew flower marks on her Fruits Basket voice script notes to remind herself to stay in character.

    • Aya read the Fruits Basket manga after she was selected to star in the anime.

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