Aya Sumika

Aya Sumika


8/22/1980, Seattle, Washington, USA

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Aya Sumika Koenig


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Aya Sumika Koenig was born on August 22, 1980 to a Caucasian father and a Japanese American mother. She grew up in Seattle, Washington. Aya attended the Northwest School, before studying Ballet at the Julliard School in New York City. She loves ballet and took lessons for 17…more


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    • Aya: There are a lot less roles for Asian Americans but people make it through with hard work and focus. There is a shortage of good, qualified Asian American actors, but this can be good and bad. It's not like trying out for a role in L.A. that calls for blonde hair and blue eyes.

    • Aya: It's our time to have a voice. I hope that more Asian Americans will get the opportunity to work and get jobs. I need the support of my people around me.

    • Aya: I feel like I'm Cinderella and Hawaii is my glass slipper.

    • Aya: (On her job as a cocktail waitress) Oh yes, I know what it's like to be surrounded by men. Drunk men spitting on you or asking the most insane questions like 'What's a pretty lady like you working in a place like this?' 'How about trying to earn a living?' I would tell them.

    • Aya: (On being the only female on the main cast of Hawaii) We've had a few female guest stars, and when they come, I'm like, 'aloha, welcome' and beyond. It's like, I'm a woman, you're a woman. Thank God for estrogen!

    • Aya: (On her ethnicity) Growing up, everyone is always asking you, 'Where are you from? Where did you get those eyes? What planet are you from?' I was conscious of it every day.

  • Aya is an untapped talent who credit is long overdue.

    Aya is one of the best actresses currently on television. The depth that she adds to the role she plays not only brings a new dimension to her role but to others roles around her. She makes all the other character better by adding strength to the cast. A very under rated talet. She truly deserve recognition for the work she does and recieving a permanent role of Num3ers is long over due. Aya is a breath of fresh air in a world were most actors over act there role as a cop, she brings a reality that has been missing for a long time.moreless