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  • Ayla should have stayed on AI longer!

    Ayla Brown is an amazing singer. She was placed 14th place on American Idol Season 5. She has an amazing talent. She's so tall. Ever since her audition, I knew she would be on Idol for a long long time. I wanted her to at least be placed 4th on AI. I was almost crying when she was voted off. Her performance of I Want You To Need Me just blew me away. I also enjoyed her takes on Unwritten and Reflection. I don't own her CD, but I plan on getting it. So overall, she is a wonderful singer. Go Ayla!
  • Ayla Brown is an amazing musician, that didn't stay as long as she should have on American Idol.

    Ayla Brown is a fantastic singer that deserved to be in the top 12 on Season 5 of "American Idol". Ayla is a basketball playing girl, who happens to have an extraordinary voice. She made the top 24 on season 5 of American Idol. She sang with enthusiasm every week for three weeks singing songs like "Reflection" and "Unwritten". However on a very surprising note, she was voted off, giving the final female spot to Melissa McGhee. However hope was not lost. Back in August of 2006 Ayla signed a record deal. Now she has an album, "Forward", and plays basketball for Boston College. I personally rate Ayla a 10, because she has an astounding voice and is also successful in the sport of basketball. I think she has much potential, and she will achieve in life.