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    • Ayla thinks her friends would be surprised that she owns a Cher CD.

    • Ayla took singing lessons at the Franklin School for Performing Arts in the past.

    • She first started to sing while watching Winnie the Pooh and Disney movies.

    • When Ayla was younger she would kiss the T.V. with her mom's face on it before going to bed.

    • Ayla almost didn't pass auditions, getting barely two thirds of the vote.

    • Ayla claimed that she never really put on makeup until the female Idol contestants showed her how.

    • Ayla Brown is getting a recording contract on August 24.

    • "I want to be close to home so my family can come and see me play" - Ayla Brown

    • "Well, if the WNBA ever came calling I might think twice about playing overseas instead," she said. ''I can see myself over there because I'd want to enjoy the entire environment around me, not just the basketball court. You have to look beyond basketball to see more of what life has to offer." - Ayla Brown

    • On the night of Ayla's elimination, she stood with Melissa McGhee , hoping for a spot in the top twelve, but Melissa's name was called out to the chairs to the top twelve, by what a lot of fans would say was an upset. Ayla was eliminated with Gedeon, Kinnik, and Will that night.

    • Ayla is friends with many people in the top 24, including Mandisa and Paris.

    • Ayla auditioned for American Idol in Boston.

    • Ayla has a basketball scholarship to Boston College.

    • Ayla is 6'0 tall.

    • Ayla has a sister named Arianna Brown.

    • Ayla's mother works for WCVB-TV channel five news as a reporter.

    • "It would be unfair after all they've done for me to get me to where I am to play somewhere where they couldn't easily come and see me. Family is so important. Too many times I've been on these select teams and had teammates tell me how depressed they were because their parents never came to their games. That's so sad to me. There's so much to life" -Ayla Brown

    • "I expect a top performance every single game. I've always been that way . . . about everything" - Ayla Brown

    • Ayla's dad is a senator for Massachussetts.

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