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    • Ayla: (On if Make It or Break It changed her life) It's changed my life in a lot of ways. I feel as though it's given me the opportunity to help people who have helped me throughout my entire life. It's given me the ability to help my friends in that I always am hosting their shows and because I have so many artist friends it's a hard road to take, even for actors a lot times, it's a hard road to take. So it's given me such a great opportunity to be able to pay back a little bit of my debt with my friends and how much they've supported me through my life. Especially, my mom and my dad, it's given me such a wonderful ability to be able to take them out to dinner, and to be able to do stuff for them. I totally spoiled them this past Christmas. They kept going, "We have to take this stuff back! You're giving us too much!" I was like you've given me so much my entire life. One Christmas is not going to hurt. So, it's changed my life definitely for the better. I mean, its great working. I love working. So, it makes me so happy to have a job.

    • Ayla: (On being recognized) It's definitely happening more and more frequently. Especially, since at my local mall, the posters are up everywhere. So I went in to go get something and I walked past my own poster. I'm pretty sure people saw me walking past it and then later on came up to me, because it happens pretty frequently now. My favorite is that once, I was in Victoria's Secret because they send you a free underwear thing all the time. I was in Victoria's Secret and I saw this worst piece of, like, lingerie ever. I was with my Mom and …went, "Ew, Mom, this is so gross!" A little girl came up to me and went "Oh, my God, are you Ayla Kell of Make It or Break It?" I was like there was no way I could talk myself out of this situation. This is just a total fail. So let it be known that I'm not wearing trashy lingerie like that small child saw me picking up.

    • Ayla: (On which character she relates to most on Make It or Break It) I definitely feel like I'm most like Payson because of my ultra-driven, ultra-focused way that I am and how committed I get to things. I get stuck in my ways, every once in a while, especially when it comes to aspirations and dreams. But, if I had to be like any other character on the show, I would have to say Miss Chloe Kmetko. She is hilarious. She has that big, southern drawl and I totally connect with that because she's hilarious – she's so funny!

    • Ayla: (On the inspiration for her emotional injury on Make It or Break It) My inspiration has been coming from my own life. I did ballet professionally for 14 years and I suffered a really bad knee injury that I thought was going to be entirely crippling to my career as a dancer. But, I pushed through and was able to conquer with the support of my family, my friends, my teachers. It's really given me a great base, a place to level with Payson… it's so true to who I am.

    • Ayla: (On the hardest part of working on Make It or Break It) I'm naturally curvy, and I have to be aware that it has to stay muscle since I'm in spandex every day, so the accuracy pressures and, I mean, when you're doing a show, it's stressful no matter what. And then doing a show about something so specific and something is such a top elite class know so much about, you have to really, really step it up. You have to.

    • Ayla: My favorite Valentine's story is when I was in elementary school there was a boy named Kalin, and he is going to kill me if he ever reads this. There was a boy named Kalin and he was my boyfriend, I'd say for five years. So every Valentine's Day, we did this whole Valentine's Day exchange of cards and stuff. It was just so sweet and so cute. I think as a joke this year, I'm going to send him a Valentine because I keep cards just because people put their heart and soul into that kind of stuff. So, I keep cards. I'm going to send him one that he sent me from elementary school.

    • Ayla:(On her athletic training for Make It or Break It) I did professional dance for a long time, and I usually get characters who do something athletic, but it's usually not this involved, not this much of the character. And when it comes to other character traits, I haven't really played somebody who is so "one focus" and really sees nothing else, so it's really exciting getting to divulge into that and figure out all the little nuances.