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Azaria Azene


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Azaria Azene is a 27 year-old facilities engineer who competed on The Amazing Race 12 with his sister, Hendekea. The team finished in sixth place on the race.


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Azaria and Hendekea visited a total of six countries before getting eliminated in Croatia on The Amazing Race 12.

    • Hendekea claims that Azaria picked on her in high school, but Azaria says it was a 'love/hate relationship'.

    • Azaria and Hendekea were born in Baker, LA, before moving to live in New Orleans. Azaria still lives in New Orleans, but Hendekea has moved to Torrance, CA.

    • Before the race began, Azaria claimed that he and Hendekea have the intelligence and the physical ability to win the race. However, he says that their personality differences could prove costly.

    • Azaria says that the biggest difference between him and Hendekea is that he doesn't back away from strenuous work, while she is quite dainty.

    • Before the race, Azaria and Hendekea claimed that they want to be a bit like Uchenna and Joyce, from the seventh season of The Amazing Race because they were very supportive and competitive.

    • In his spare time, Azaria enjoys building and constructing things.

    • Azaria and Hendekea are of Ethiopian descent and have traveled together to Ethiopia. Azaria has also traveled to parts of Asia and Europe because of his job.

    • Azaria graduated Tulane University in chemical engineering.

    • Before being eliminated in the sixth leg of The Amazing Race 12, Azaria and Hendekea managed to come in first place on three separate legs.

    • Azaria enjoys playing poker and playing all types of sports.

    • Azaria works as a facilities engineer for offshore platforms.

    • Hendekea describes Azaria as confrontational and emotional.

    • Azaria lives in New Orleans, LA.

    • Azaria and Hendekea finished in sixth place in The Amazing Race 12, after they were eliminated in Croatia.

    • Azaria participated on the twelfth season of The Amazing Race with his sister Hendekea.

  • Quotes

    • Hendekea: (to the taxi driver) Did you see any other people like us come out of the airport today?
      Taxi Driver: Yes, many, many!

    • Phil: (recapping an episode) But a photo finish at the mat --- Azaria and Hendekea, you're team #1 --- was a tough pill for Jen.

    • Azaria: (at the Detour on Leg 5 of The Amazing Race 12) I love me some numbers.

    • Azaria: (reading a clue on Leg 4 of The Amazing Race 12) You have $0 for this leg of the race. Let's go.

    • Azaria: (in Leg 4 of The Amazing Race 12) We're in first place right now, with teams on our butt, but Hendekea has to go to the bathroom!

    • Hendekea: While I'm here, I'd like to prove something to my brother. He's constantly pushing me, pushing me, pushing me.

    • Azaria: (to Nicolas and Donald during The Amazing Race 12) What flight are you guys on?
      Nicolas: I don't want to say.
      Hendekea: They're being sneaky!
      Azaria: That's OK. In the end, we're all enemies right?

    • Hendekea: (Seeing goats in the back of a motorcycle while participating on The Amazing Race 12) Little goaties are crying!
      Azaria: Those guys are not comfortable right now.
      Hendekea: They're going to the market to get eaten right now, so they have a reason to cry!

    • Azaria: (referring to an event on the third leg of The Amazing Race 12) This is strange. I'm grabbing a camel's breast.

    • Azaria: (referring to Hendekea on the first leg of The Amazing Race 12) You look at her tiny face and you don't see the tiger within.
      Hendekea: Raaar!