Azura Skye

Azura Skye


11/8/1981, Northridge, California, USA

Birth Name

Azura Dawn Storozynski


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Azura Skye was born Azura Dawn Storozynski on November 8, 1980 in Northridge, California. She was raised by "wanna-be hippie" (as Skye calls them) gemologist parents who named her after the semiprecious gemstone, azurite. Her parent's beliefs in education through art is what started her love of acting.…more


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    • Azura: My parents wanted me to go out and play and read a book instead of being glued to a TV.

    • Azura: My parents are wannabe hippies. They were born a little bit late but they named me Azura as a tribute.

    • Azura: (on Amsterdam) I found the design very well laid out and easy to follow. And then I started partying and I ended up walking in circles.

    • Azura: I get compared to Uma Thurman sometimes - the Uma in Pulp Fiction.

    • Azura: I was lucky to have really creative, artistic parents. They very much believed in education through art.

    • Azura: Figuring out how to make people laugh is so much more challenging than drama. Being funny is harder than being real.

    • Azura: It was fun, being the f***ed-up girl. But after while, it started affecting me. I started feeling really dark. When I look in the mirror now, I see the girl from my seventh-grade picture staring back at me.

    • Azura: (On Sandra Bullock) She's this huge movie star yet she's totally oblivious to what that means. She's so normal, so gracious, a wonderful, giving person.

    • Azura: I love auditions. I don't mind them at all. I have a lot of fun. I mean, it's hard and I've been very fortunate in the opportunities that I've had but I worry about getting work if it's been a couple of months and I haven't gotten a job. It's hard waiting and thinking about what you're going to do next but that passes.

    • Azura: (On Zoe, Duncan, Jack & Jane) Well, I was never really aware that we had fans. I mean, of course we had a few but the show never did as well as the WB had hoped. We did two seasons and we sort of knew it was coming to an end. They sort of tried to revamp it by making us all older and changing the name a little bit. I think that ended up confusing people more than anything. We were all ready to move on when the show was over.

    • Azura: I have been at it [showbiz] for a long time, but it can be a very discouraging business and I think you have to have a certain amount of ego because there is so much rejection. You have to believe in yourself sooo much. This way when you get rejected time after time you're able to say, "I'm really good and someone will see it!" I've just been patient and you have to know that whatever is meant to be will be. But, good things have come to me.

    • Azura: My make up is normally very minimal, not because I'm lazy but because I think wearing a bunch of makeup to go to the supermarket looks kind of silly.

    • Azura: In eighth grade, everyone was getting boobs and I wasn't. I was really bummed, but a few years later when I realized it wasn't going to happen, I got used to it. Now I'm really secure with myself.

    • Azura: On Zoe, Duncan, Jack & Jane, I had to play air guitar. I felt stupid and knew I looked stupid. They ended up cutting the scene altogether, so apparently they agreed!

    • Azura: After 28 Days, whenever they needed a troubled character they called me.

    • Azura: When I was seven I went to see a play with my parents, and just across the aisle was this guy who kept giving me weird looks with his eyebrows and lowering his glasses and just playing games. I was terrified, and kept saying , "Mom, this guy's a maniac." And she said, "Oh honey, no, don't worry. That's Jack Nicholson." I was like, "I don't care who he is, I want to move." Now he's one of my favorite actors in the world.

    • Azura: (Regarding her favorite scene in the film, Carolina) I have a fabulous birthing scene where Shirley MacLaine shoves a dog biscuit in my mouth to bite on. I look horrible — I'm sweating and my hair is stringy, but for some reason, it's my favorite shot. I get such a kick out of it.

    • Azura: You constantly have to do different work and reinvent yourself and your characters as much as you can. I'd like to think I'm in it for the long haul. It's more important to be doing this when I'm 60 than to be on the cover of Rolling Stone by the time I'm 22.

    • Azura: I'm the most normal boring person I know!