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  • LOVE him on Law & Order

    It's funny because the very first time they introduced "Dr. Wong" to the SUV team, they had him play a snooty, smug psychiatrist with a decidedly Asian accent. I am so glad they got away from that. He now plays a warm, caring, intelligent doctor and I always enjoy when he's involved in an episode. It's interesting that he's gay in real life and plays a gay man on the show. I am glad they don't portray him in any stereotypical effiminent manner. I don't know if the show decided to avoid that or if he, as a gay man in real life, said no way, but either way, I'm glad they didn't. Dr. Wong doesn't get angry in the show very often, so when he does, you know it's something he's very passionate about. Love his role in the show.
  • Underrated but gifted actor!

    Really great actor and that he is so talented. As he is breaking away from the sterotypical Asian type Hollywood loves to portray. Love him in SVU as his character brings calm before the storm. Loved him in other shows and movies like "Father of the Bride" as I wish that we can see more of him. Also liked him in "Oz" as he played a priest who got killed in the show. Really I hope that he can branch out if he leaves SVU or if the show comes to cancellation as he is very talented but underrated IMHO. Way to go BD!
  • I remember him from Father of The Bride.

    I remember seeing him in Father of the Bride as this total spastic goof ball assistant wedding planner and let me tell you it is such a difference going from that to the ever insightful tight suited Dr. Huang on Law and Order Special Victims Unit. He plays this guy who profiles serial killers, peta files, and every form on scum on the New York city streets. Now, you would think this would make him extrordinarily creepy but he is very centered and totally balanced and a serious kind streak. The guy is very versatile and I defenitely like watching him week after week. I was really glad when they made him a regular.
  • He is such a good actor

    I really like his role in SVU as Huang, and I think that his part is very important for the show. I only recently found out he was in an episode of X-Files. It was a really good episode (They all are) but this one was super good, until he died at the end. I also found out he was the voice of captain Shang in Mulan. At least thats what my mom says. I really like Huang, and the way he plays him, and I think that he is very handsome. Very good in his roles, what else can i say?
  • I didn\'t know he was gay, but that really doesn\'t matter I suppose.

    I really like him has FBI agent/ profiler/ psychatrist George Wang. Great as the cold guy who uses his mind like a surgical knife and yet can communicate with everyone without being overly shrink like. Glad he was made a regular on the show, but we\'ve really yet to get a Wang episode. We\'ve had Fin episode, Munch episodes, Olivia and Elliot episodes. No Wang centered episodes yet. I say he should have one to at least get that through. It\'s almost sideways racism that they don\'t give him the screen time that he deserves. Hell even in the Asian centered story lines he\'s still off to the side, What\'s up with that.
  • i love him so much

    B.D. Wong is also gay and you can read about him in the new book called When i Knew edited by Robert Trachtenberg it has so many great coming out stories his is on page 90-91. books like this make it easier for people like me to come out and be open with my homosexuality.
  • He is sooo cool. I love how he can read people, yes, I know he is a shrink but he reads people in a way that is just so interesting. He is a crucial character in SVU.

    He is sooo cool. I love how he can read people, yes, I know he is a shrink but he reads people in a way that is just so interesting. He is a crucial character in SVU. I also love how he is so dedicated and I just love his character so much. Bravo.