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    • B.D. Wong: (on barriers he's faced as an Asian American actor)
      There's no question that race really plays a huge part in my being picked or not being picked every day of my life. It comes up. We're not yet at a point in this country -- or, I'm not even sure if in any country -- where actors are totally, where we can be completely blind to color. That is something that, if things keep going the way they're going, it's very possible it could happen. But there will always, there is at this time always a really keen, a very palpable awareness of someone's race. So, it's very hard to put your finger on why you don't get picked for something sometimes. You aren't always aware; you aren't always sure whether it is any number of things that could be the reason why you've been rejected. You sense, a lot of times, that rejection comes from the color of your skin, and that's very, very demoralizing. But most of all, rejection [itself] is pretty demoralizing. That particular thing is, of course, a very sensitive issue for me. I'm not sure if I can tell you how large a part it plays, but it definitely plays a large part on a day-to-day basis.