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    • B.D. Wong: (on handling rejection) I'm just getting to a point now in my life where rejection is not taken personally. Although every once in a while, that one thing catches you where you have put so much of your heart into something and so much of a knowledge in your mind that it is the right thing for you, and when it doesn't happen, it can be really, really sad. That's the one thing that I really want to get out of my life, the feeling of sadness that happens, because I'm becoming more and more aware now that it's not personal, it's not a personal thing. And a lot of times, I used to have to do a lot of tricky justification to kind of get past it, and I don't have to do that so much anymore. I don't have to say, "Oh, they're jerks," or, "Who needs them, anyway?" I just have to kind of accept that life is what it is, and that my life that I've chosen, which I love and which is noble, has these things in it. And I kind of like that now. I kind of wear it like the red badge of courage, I guess.