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    • B.D. Wong: (on becoming an actor)
      When I first decided to become an actor, I went through that whole thing with my folks, because my folks were so sure that they wanted me to be a doctor, which couldn't be a more wrong thing for me, really. But they had their natural kind of parental tendencies, and I had an older brother who was a doctor. So, it was very difficult for them to make the adjustment that I would become an actor, even though it was so clear throughout my whole childhood that I was so not anything but a kind of creative, hammy kind of person. To answer your question, the road that I've been on, which is a huge part of my success, comes from their support. That road that I'm on now is of great satisfaction to them. They feel a great deal of pride, I think, and a great deal of satisfaction in knowing that they played a huge part in my becoming an actor, and that the fear that they swallowed was a big part of what brought me to kind of get here. So, I think they are really enjoying this part of it immensely.