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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Born in Pennsylvania into a working class family, B. Smith left her native state at the age of 19 to pursue her dreams in New York City. B. Smith worked first as a model, gracing the covers of 15 magazines including Mademoiselle. While working as a model in…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • B.Smith appeared twice on The View in 2004 and 2007.

    • B. Smith originally wanted to name her first restaurant La Femme Noire.

    • B. Smith is the daughter of a day worker and a steelworker.

    • B. Smith has garnered many awards over the years for her excellence. Some of which include: National Women Business Owner of the Year Award, 2000; Culinary Institute of America Board of Trustees, Nation's Restaurant News "New Taste Maker," 1999; New York Urban League "Frederick Douglass Award" for social justice, 1998.

    • B. Smith is the author of two books; B. Smith's Entertaining and Cooking for Friends published in 1995 by Artisan Publishing and Rituals & Celebrations published by Random House in October 1999.

    • B. Smith went to New York City with the dream of becoming a singer/actress, however her modeling career advanced first. Although she does sing the opening and ending theme of her show B. Smith with Style.

    • During B. Smith's modeling career she worked with Revlon, Oil of Olay, Crest, Noxzema and Clairol.

    • In the late 90's, B. Smith was to expand with the publishing of a magazine however the Hearst group turned this down in favor of publishing, Oprah Winfrey's O magazine.
      Instead, American Express publishing took up the magazine venture only publishing three issues.

    • B.Smith's hobbies include golf,running,reading and going to museums as well as entertaining.

  • Quotes

    • B. Smith: I've always been very specific about what I wanted to do. For the restaurant, I wanted to be on an avenue and a corner. Little did I know I'd find the perfect location on the Avenue of Lost Souls.

    • B. Smith: To me, as a model, you are an entrepreneur. You have an agency, but you really work for yourself.

    • B. Smith: When I was young, I always loved home economics. Cooking, sewing...

    • B. Smith: I wasn't discovered. I had to work hard.

    • B. Smith: My parents were great gardeners and entertained beautifully. We put up our own wall coverings and refurnished chairs. It was a warm, working-class environment, surrounded by beauty.

    • B. Smith: I always cooked when I came to New York. And threw parties. I became known as a hostess.

    • B. Smith: We wanted to create a lifestyle magazine that makes elegance and style an achievable reality for our readers.

  • Through her success she has touched the hearts of many.

    B.Smith serves as an inspiration to many people, especially young women who desire much from themselves and their lives. B.Smith is an example of success in the black community and in all her exploits she seeks to bring refreshing perspective and intellect. Wealth is a wonderful thing to possess but the quality of your life is measured in the happiness you share and the love you create in other people's lives. In countless ways, through her life and work, B.Smith has touched the hearts of many who wish to share in her joy, her triumphs and her love of life! She has made an impact through her programmes on the quality of life of her fans and viewers/listeners.moreless

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