Baby Bash

Baby Bash


10/18/1975, Vallejo, California, USA

Birth Name

Ronnie Ray Bryant



Also Known As

Baby Beesh, Bash
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Baby Bash is a rapper. He was born on October 18, 1975 in Vallejo, California. He is a really good rapper. He is the rapper of the hit song, "Cyclone" featuring T-Pain.


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    • Baby Bash: Not really pressure, because I don't really worry about pressure, I just concentrate on doing my music. There's great Latin artists– there's great Latin singers, rappers, dancers, cooks, architects. I think it's just a matter of time, of recognition. When I first did "Suga Suga" it felt kinda weird because people didn't know where to place me. I don't know if I felt reverse racism or not, but it was kind of "He's not black, he's not white, and he's not speaking Spanish." Like I said, in this categorized type world, they didn't know where to categorize me, but eventually the music spoke for itself.

    • Baby Bash: Man… First thing I said was I wished my grandfather were alive, 'cause my grandfather loved Santana. I almost shed a tear just thinking about it. When they first told me it was unbelievable – I was like, "Are you sure they got the right guy? Are you sure they want Baby Bash on there with Jennifer Lopez and Santana?" It was kinda crazy. Then I though about the power of Clive Davis at my record label and "Man, it is possible." So I went ahead and did the best I could. I wanted to make sure everybody was happy and I think I did a good job and I patted myself on the back. The album came out last week; I went and bought three copies. It's probably my biggest achievement since I got in the game.

    • Baby Bash: T-Pain, I actually met him a couple times. I'm real good friends with his management. I had met T-Pain a couple of times and we had both talked about collaborating on something. When we talked about it, it was actually before he was on every song on the radio. He was gettin' ready to put out his first single when we had first talked about doin' it. It's crazy that by the time "Cyclone" was done and finished, he was on like twenty different features. I think it's also good at the same time, because he helped the song. Some people wouldn't give me a shot – it's sad sometimes, but that's how people think. Someone else has to put a stamp of approval on it before they test it out, even though the music is quality. But I think it was a good thing that he wanted to jump on it. He's a down-to-earth guy, you know? We chop it up a lot. It's not like I just paid someone to get on my song that I didn't even know.

    • Baby Bash: I don't really worry about –I'm gonna get typecast anyway. People are gonna have their own opinions anyway. In this crazy world of music where people like to categorize stuff, I feel I'm uncategorizable to tell you the truth. I like that word, "uncategorizable." Akon and T-Pain are they hip hop? Are they R&B? Are they pop? Are they reggae-ish? It's a combination of everything now, and I think that's what it's about: good music. I've always been like that, ever since, "Suga Suga." 'Cause I can sing – I'm more of a writer. I never try to be the best battle rapper, or the best rapper, but I'm always gonna write a constant hit – I'm all about writing quality songs. When I write songs, it's like a big old nice plate of chicken – you want some potatoes, and corn, some green beans. You want them side orders. You don't wanna just eat straight chicken the whole time. So you'll have negative cats out there, [who say] "That's not hip hop!" But I'm not in it for that – I'm in it for the straight love of music.

    • Baby Bash: Losing my grandfather was a big reconnection I had to make, and that was devastating to me, in the middle of getting my record deal. And then different politics involved in the music game and different struggles with my family. I've got a lot of family issues-not my issues, but I come from a family of alcoholics and drug addicts, and I have to take care of a lot of people. And just the change in music, from when I put out "Suga Suga" to now. But I think I've weathered the storm pretty good. Since I put out "Suga Suga" I've seen a lot of artists come and go and I pretty much still been in the game, you know?

    • Baby Bash: I think I stepped up the energy. And I went from being "Mr. Smooth Smooth Playa Playa," to [getting] people movin' a little bit more on the dance floor. I've never really had a club banger before, I've never even dreamt about having a club song, and then, once I got with Lil John, he said, "Man, let's make a club knock with some of your melody, some of your smooth melodies over a nice Lil John club beat, and let's just make it happen.

    • Baby Bash: I'm like a chameleon, I adapt to wherever I'm at.

    • Baby Bash: I've seen my mother drugged. I've seen a lot of little conniving stories, so when I want to write music about struggle, the criminal aspect of life, it made it real simple because I could just go back to my childhood.

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  • He is such a great rapper. I love his music.

    She moves her body like a Cyclone! She makes we wanna do it all night long! Goin hard when they turn the spotlights on! Cuz she moves her body like a Cyclone!! LOVE that song! Baby Bash is a really good rapper. He writes really good songs. However, he is underrated. He deserves a lot more credit. I love his music tho! He writes really nyce raps! Ever since I heard him in Frankie J's song, Obession, I've loved his raps. He also was in Baby I'm Back, with Akon. That was a good song too! Baby Bash makes really good music.moreless