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  • Proof You dont need ability to be on TV

    Every kid needs a start. Bailee must have parents who TV execs owe favors to. This kid couldnt act to save her life! When her face changes in puberty she'll become a memory. Oh well, its not what you know its who you know...
  • Good little actress!

    First saw Bailee at an early age in Last Day of Summer and never predicted that we'd see her so much. Although Wizards was a weird role, it did get her noticed by tons of fans from the show. I like her in the Christmas Hallmark movie as well. Lucky kid. Hope she stays on a good path. Once Upon a Time was a smart move and doing a great job on Trophy Wife presently. Keep it up!
  • Astonishing

    She could be very well the child version of Snow. How absolutely obnoxious. The entire episode 2-15 was practically ruined because this little horrible person was filling out the screen about 70% of the time. It is amazing. Never has a child provoked such repulsion.
  • So Cute!

    Bailee was so cute in "Bridge to Terabithia"! I've been a fan ever since! Her performance in "Brothers" was AMAZING! It was no surprise that she got 2 nominations because of her role! When I saw her in "Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh" she was so CUTE! When she found out that Drake had only helped her to stay out of jail, her expression was heart breaking! Her performance "Letters to God" will probably be great also! Bailee's newest movie, "Conviction" looks great, I can't wait to see it, or her role in "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit"! I'm sure she'll be great!
  • Adorable! :)

    I first saw Bailee in Bridge to Terabithia and I just thought, if I had a little sister, I'd want her to be just like Maybelle (Bailee). She was such a brilliant little actress even then, and I knew she was going to make it far. I think I saw her on Cory in the House next. I thought she was so cute as Maya! She was the "nice" friend to Sophie, and although she followed what another girl said sometimes, did end up doing what she thought was right. Her performance on House blew me away. I think she was 8 when the episode aired. She was portraying a six-year-old girl named Lucy. In one of the scenes, Lucy had a stroke. The way Bailee acted out that entire scene...I nearly cried. She was so convincing in that that entire episode! You could see the light dim in her eyes as the episode went on...she was still fighting, but didn't care so much about the shots anymore. After her stroke, her eyes were blank and motionless. I couldn't believe the talent this eight-year-old girl had (and still has)! Bailee will definitely make it far in life!!! :)