Balthazar Getty

Balthazar Getty


1/22/1975, Los Angeles, California, USA

Birth Name

Paul Balthazar Getty



Also Known As

B-Zar, Paul Balthazar Getty
  • Balthazar Getty stars as Thomas Walker o...
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  • Season Two
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Balthazar Getty was born on January 22, 1975 in Los Angeles, California. His parents, Gisela Martine Zacher Getty and Jean Paul Getty III, met in Europe. Balthazar has an older half-sister from his mother's previous relationship. His parents divorced when Balthazar was still a child, and his mother…more


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    • Balthazar Getty: (on his separation with wife Rosetta in Summer of 2008) The breakdown of a marriage is a very difficult and painful experience especially when children are involved. In light of the fact that many pictures have surfaced in print and on the Internet which has caused myself and my family great embarrassment, I felt it necessary to at least acknowledge publicly that yes indeed my wife and I have separated and I will not be commenting any further.

    • Balthazar Getty: (on choosing projects) For me it's about the material and the director. It's a lot about the talent. I like to know who the DP is and who the editor is. The look of the film is important to me, the quality of it.

    • Balthazar Getty: As an actor you do the best you can, you show up every day, but it's not in your hands, so it can be really frustrating. I don't project into the future, though. It's not that I don't plan-I just don't worry about what's around the corner. I just sort of roll with it every day. That works real well for me.

    • Balthazar Getty: I grew up in a very liberal household. I didn't see much of my father as a kid, but my mom raised me to always have an open mind, and to realize that I didn't have to win at everything.

    • Balthazar Getty: I was always sort of a performing child. At 13, I wanted to be a ninja. I went to school on the bus in a black outfit with only my eyes showing. And then Lord of the Flies fell in my lap and I ran with it. But even before that, I was always puffing together plays for my mom, and I've been doing music my whole life.

    • Balthazar Getty: (He is part of the Walker family in "Brothers & Sisters".) I don't think it's easy growing up in any family - whether it's the Gettys or the Walkers. There are always heavy dynamics in big families.

    • Balthazar Getty: (on his kids) The kids obviously know they have some privilege in their life and are able to do lots of neat things. But painting markers on their face is their idea of art.

    • Balthazar Getty: It's been such a group effort, ... When you're a new band and you have limited resources, you end up getting people that are there because they love what you do, and that's great.

    • Balthazar Getty: 'Tired of being sorry' is one of the lines everyone can relate to.

  • Balthazar Getty currently play Thomas Walker on Brothers & Sisters.

    Before Brothers & Sisters came on the air, I had never heard of Balthazar Getty before. Brothers & Sisters is a great show with a lot of great characters, but I have to say that the character Thomas seems to the most underdeveloped of all the characters. From what I have seen of Thomas, he's a great character, but I really wish that the writers would explore his chracter more. From what I have seen, he's an interesting character with a lot of potential for good storytelling. They just need to use Blathazar more on Borthers & Sisters. I gave Balthazar a nine because Brothers & Sisters is the only show that I have seen him in, and his character is one of the least developed characters on the show. At this point, I feel that all I can give Balthazar for a score is a nine. If they started using him more on Brothers & Sisters, I might give him a higher score once I saw more of his acting ability. All in all, from what I have seen so far Balthazar Getty is a pretty good actor.moreless