Bamboo Harvester





El Monte, California

Birth Name

Bamboo Harvester




Bamboo Harvester was a Palomino horse born in 1949 to The Harvester (a Saddlebreed) and Zetna. Prior to landing the title role of Mister Ed, he became trained as a show and parade horse by Lester Hilton, a Will Rogers protege.

He was only 12 years old when he became known to the world as Mister Ed, a role for which he was clearly typecast. He neither played, nor did he audition for any other role during his 19-year life. He was introduced to the world in his peak role of Mister Ed.

As Mister Ed, he carefully protected the secret of how he could make his lips move. Many suspected liberal use of peanut butter, but that is pure speculation. He took this secret to his grave in 1968. He was euthanized two years after his show went off the air, a result of complications arising from old age.

Some speculate that that the death of Larry Keating as Roger Addison caused an early end to the Mister Ed show. Mister Ed producers were able to move the Kirkwoods in to fill the role, and the show extended three years. But the show would not have survived the death of Bamboo Harvester.