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  • Mr. Ed sure knows how to deliver a line

    I always knew Mr. Ed existed but had not had much of an opportunity to watch the show. Finding it accidentally on a cable net work called antenna tv I started putting them on the DVR to watch. The Main Character , Bamboo Harvester who plays Mr ED, is actually very talented with the tricks they had him do for the show. Altho sometimes a little corny with a few obvious plot holes to make things work out I find the show very funny. Ed's a crafty horse Out to get his way and always doing it with humor.

    (Wilber: Now Ed. Don't tell me you believe in all that superstitious stuff? ED: well. why do you think I where 4 horse For a brief stint Ed even worked for the government to help but up a spy ring. Not to mention Ed was a genius and played chess. Some of the filler scenes with the humans aren't that great but they help set up the story. I can see why the show lasted for 6 years. its a great show.