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  • So happy he got relection.

    Such a great preident.
  • Obama

    When I voted for him, I thought he was the right leader for this country. Of course, Obama's a great guy and he achieved a lot of things, except I just don't think he was a great leader for America. Obama spends trillion of money, and ignores the most important things. Obama honestly doesn't deserve relection. Thumbs up if you agree. If you thumb me down, you're opinion.
  • Barack Obama

    My parents we're disappointed when he got elected for president, because they were voting for someone else. My parents don't particulary like him, and are saying he isn't helping the economy, and he is spending tons of money. He isn't my favorite one, but it is cool he was the first African-American president.

  • You seem like you achieved a lot

    You're a good president and congrats on being the first african american to be president, I'm a democrat just like you, and also how does it feel like being president? Is it cool, is it hardworking is it both? Yeah probably both because it's cool to be president bu it's hard so yeah
  • He usually talks with a smile

    and he has great public speaking skills... never boring, but informing.
  • Barack Obama was a senator from Illinois that grew up in a middle class family, that stood to become the first African American President of the United States.

    In my opinion, while I don't agree with every single move President Obama has made in his past 3 years in office, I believe that he is a great president, with so much potential. It's nice to know that someone finally has our best interest at heart when it comes to policy making, something that can not be said for many of the congressmen and women in D.C. People have constantly been going after me about supporting him and the Democrats, about how they're spending too much money or that it was wrong to create universal health care, or that taxes are too high, but really when it comes to the public eye, I really think they're being blinded to the truth of what's going on by the members of other parties. Think about it, the Bush Administration drove this country into the ground! Policies HAVE to be made if they're going to reverse all of the crap Bush left behind! And Universal Health Care, COME ON! What could possibly be wrong with insuring that people have health care or that people can't be denied coverage for preexisting conditions! Many other countries out there have universal health care, and they're doing great! Then there's taxes! Cutting them isn't going to get us out of this financial and economical mess! You need money to make more money! Look at the past! Did you know that during times of war, our country was better of economically? And why do you think it was?!? Taxes were increased! Sure you can complain all you want, but the truth of the matter is, we're going to have to tighten our belts if we're going to thrive again! Obama knows that and I commend him in his effort!
  • tells people he wants change because it's what they want to hear, but at least he is better than Hillary.

    He like Hillary keep spouting change but all I hear from him is rhetoric, he is almost as bad as Hillary but not quite. I do think he would be better as president than Hillary but I still don't think he is that qualified for the job. The whole think with Rezko is suspect at best abnd makes me question his judgement. He has shown that he is no different than any other candidate, and has plenty of skeletons in his closet as well. He also said he believes in having a college education yet, he was complaining in a commercial that "the common people" which is rhetoric to try to get wroking class people to think he is part of them. If he thinks they should be making the same amount, than why pay all the money for college and do all the work. College is supposed to prepare you for the real world, and find a specialty that's why they get paid more because they need less training, so why stress the importance of college if he wants to take away all the reasons for going and getting a college education?
  • Not enough experience

    When the only choices for President and VP are inexperienced incompetents like Obama/Biden and airheaded idiots like McCain/Palin, there really was no hope for this country.

    At this point, I wouldn't rely on either Republicans or Democrats to fix the economy. Republicans were morons to let it happen and Democrats were imbeciles to believe they could fix it.

    We can only rely on ourselves to survive this mess by working and saving money in the bank. Nothing else to post but to fill in useless words due to the stupid 100 words minimum count. Don't like posting on sites with terrible grammar.
  • Barack Obama is a president what should i say?

    Barack obama go! george bush boo! How year old is him? He is a popular president what should everyone say? *Yawn* He is a president oh yeah he is a president oh yeah *Yawn*
    *Two yawns* He is a president oh yeah he is a president oh yeah He is a president oh yeah he is a president oh yeah I like it because it,s a popular man who is a president i don,t care , Ok i want to know how year old is him do some one know? tell me! Please please please..... i am getting happy of USA president.
  • Always easy to be a critic

    When George W Bush became President 8 years ago, people made negative criticisms about him similar to Barack Obama and also believed he would be a poor choice as President. IMO he did allright especially in the aftermath of 9/11, otherwise he would not have gotten another term in 2004.

    This criticism continued all through his Presidency through his ups and downs. He made some mistakes that he could not recover from and fueled bad publicity and his popularity plummeted from there. He still did his job despite all this even through quite an unpopular term as President.

    Barack Obama will do the same. He will do his job despite what appears to be a very divided America. He is very focused on America's issues and working with both Democrats and Republicans. This is not going to be a quick fix and its going to be a long process. The recovery from 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans took years.

    The current crises is a much more significant issue and will take longer to resolve whether it be with Bush, McCain, Clinton or Obama in Office. Criticizing the Presidency is understandable but hating the Presidency seems to be an illogical trend that stems from the opponents' supporters.

    Friom all appearances these past 8 years, being President means being the target of a bitter, biased, hate filled "democracy" who prefer to blame and point fingers instead of looking for solutions. Its easier to say that Bush ran this country into the ground and that Obama will make things worse than actually finding real solutions.
  • Great senator and nominee for the presidential election! Can't wait till he enters office.

    Barack Obama is one of the most unique senators out there today. He's smart; he's a great lawyer; and husband/father. I personally think that he has some great ideas; such as his healthcare plan and bringing troops from Iraq. He'll fix the United States and make us all proud we were americans once again.

    His presidential campaign began in February 2007, where he gave us a great speech and introduced himself. On August 23rd, 2008, he chose a great vice presidential canditate: Joe Biden. If anything happens to Obama (which will hopefully be a good president) we get another great president in return.

    I'm happy that he won the 2008 election; I admit John McCain was a pretty good candidate (it's hard for me to say that), but he seemed to be a Bush ripoff. I'm tired of Bush policies. His father was much better anyway...

    His wife Michelle would be a great first lady; she's smart. I can see why Barack married her (she's pretty hot too).

    PS: And his favorite president is Abraham Lincoln, who is also my favorite president! He showed all the black kids (and me) that you can set an example of being president AND black (no racist btw)
  • With Barack Obama having been elected president I am now editing my review for Barack Obama.

    I like Barack Obama he is a nice person to have been elected president but a lot of people think Barack Obama is a muslim when he is not and probably because he is black but actually he is christian for those of you out there. Since Barack Obama has became president of the United States of America everything will be back to being good and the troops will stop the war of Iraq and everything will be back to normal. Because Barack Obama has now became president I am now changing my mind from Bill Clinton being my favorite president to Barack Obama now.
  • Am hoping he will become the first black president and turn this oountry around.

    Because of the death of his beloved grandmother, today will be a bittersweet day if Obama does win. I really feel he wants to make a difference and that he DOES want to accomplish a great deal if or when he takes office. I am glad he didn't stoop to the level John McCain did....all McCain and Palin did was attack him, while barely pointing out what THEY were going to do to change what is wrong with America. I don't see how people can expect ANYONE to be prepared to be President. It's not like there's a class called "How to Be a President: 101". lol
    I think Obama has been nothing but honest with people, and has tried to get them to look forward instead of backward and I think it is sad that most would rather listen to the negative rhetoric (from people like Elisabeth Hasselbeck and FOX, etc.) I am most afraid that he will not be allowed to have a chance to prove how capable he is....and that would be the worst shame of all.
  • The real change that requires the United States!

    When Democrats in the primary ancestor, was tabled on, there are people who saw it as black and African-American was not going to reach a lot. But we have realized as Barack Hussein Obama has given speeches and magnificent as it has risen to half the world with 'Yes We Can'. Currently the U.S. economy has had heavy losses in recent months. Already considered one of the largest and also affect the European economy. As for Iraq, Obama knows what to do in this case and nothing more than open a new chapter in American history as president to Barack Hussein Obama as well as vice president Joseph Biden.
  • Barack Obama brings hope and vitality to us all.

    I first really heard him speak at the National Democratic Convention some four years ago - and I knew then that someday he would be President, or at least run for that office. Then I read his books and listened to his speeches. No matter what I have always walked away holding my head up high, with hope in my heart and my own personal dreams and goals alive throughout my being. There aren't many 'celebrities' or public figures that have that sort of impact on me because, quite frankly, they are a dime a dozen. However, Mr. Obama is golden and I appreciate his words of hope and visions of humanity with a sense of purpose.
  • A great person!

    Barack Obama will fix up the country a lot!!!!! He will fix up George W. Bush's mess with the economy that is doing terrible. He will give job,stop global warming,stop the war,and make the country actually look smart! He may pick a great vice-president and he could beat McCain. Hillary Clinton could not beat McCain. Can you believe McCain thinks the world is fine? He is a terrible Republican who could give us 100 more years at war.Billions and Trillions and Zillions of dollars threw in the garbage. Obama will save Darfur. We really really really really really need Obama! Vote Obama!
  • empty

    Barack Obama is a much-needed change of pace for American politics. He tries to do away with the partisan politics in Washington that are dividing our country. It also helps that I agree with most of his policies.