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  • A great actress with lots of potential.

    I think Barbara is a wonderful actress. She has played different types of characters,(strippers and a mom) and just with the role on One Tree Hill, her character has explored many angles, from working mom, to alcoholic, to drug addict, straight, and back again. She has been the saviour a time or two, and she has shown loads of talent. I'm still not sure why she hasn't been around much lately, but I'm sure we will see more of her in the near future. At least I hope we will. She hasn't gotten the recognition she deserves, but I hope that will all change.
  • Average is her word but not because she sucks, but because of how many films and TV shows she has been in. She really isn't known by the audience but the ones who do know her know her as Deb Scott in "One Tree Hill".

    Barbara started her career in the show "Sable" in 1988. Then she just started guest starring in TV Shows like "Star Trek: The Next Generation", "Married with Children", "Hooperman", and "Open House". She has also been in film like The Terror Within 2, Delusion, and Striptease. Her most famous role though was portraying Deb Scott, Dan Scott's (Paul Johansson) wife (or I think ex-wife) in the best show ever created which is One Tree Hill. Although she might not be the next Julia Roberts she has made One Tree Hill fans love her as the **** she portrays. Her character is a mean and messed up wife because of her husband. I hope she continues to make One Tree Hill fans love her as much as they have. I hope she keeps on rocking.
  • One of the greatist love her great actoress

    one of the greatist actress In the world

    I knew her from honey when a show on disney from my childhood. times ive seen her
    1 honey i shunk the kids
    2 tuched by an angel
    3 one tree hill she plays a mom and wife and Bisness partner to her hosuban's exgirlfriend high school sweetheart Karen Roe who he got preguant before he went to college and choose deb over karen

    she is a great actor she s Beauitful and funny she plays it out really well shes one of the best all the best ever funny dancie and whatever you need later
  • She is great!

    Barbra Alyn Woods has been on stage or behind the camera for a long time. She has done numerous plays and has also appeared in quite a number of television shows. Presently she plays Deb Scoot in The WB's hit TV teen drama series "One Tree Hill". She plays a hard working mom to son "Nathan Scott" played by James Lafferty. She loves her son and supports him but she trys to find away to get away from her husband Dan Scott. Her family has broken down due to in her opinion, Dan's pushing of Nathan to play better basketball. She cares too much about her family that she is willing to kill her husband so that her son can live a normal life.
  • Watch out

    Boy now that Dan knows the truth I would sleep with my eyes open. I think they should bring her back and put her in a lot more rolls. I enjoyed her and Karen working together at Tric.
    She does a great job being the wife of Dan. Too bad the accident didn't at least knock some sense into Dan. Maybe now that he knows she is the one that tried to kill him, hopefully that will change him and not make him even worse.
  • Barbara Alyn Woods: a great actress!

    I have to say that Barbara is a great actress for playing Deb on One Tree Hill. She was very good in Season 1, excellent in season 2 and currently fabulous in season 3. Her acting skills are great and I hope she’s given more to do on the show. She has a lot of chemistry with Paul Johansson and the two’s characters’ love/hate relationship was kind of funny to watch at the beginning of the season. I hope Barbara doesn’t leave any time soon because I like her character Deb. Well done to Barbara for portraying such a great character.