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    • Because Barbara Bain is claustrophobic, she seldom acted in disguise. She stated that she couldn't handle being "contained" in the heavy latex involved in disguise costumes.

    • Barbara Bain the daughter of Russian immigrants who worked as grocery wholesalers in the 1920s and 1930s in Chicago.

    • Before 1976, Barbara Bain had appeared in Harper's Bazaar, Mademoiselle, and Vogue magazines as a model.

    • Barbara Bain appeared onstage with her daughter Juliet Landau several years ago in the play, Failure of Nerve.

    • Barbara Bain left Mission: Impossible in loyalty to her husband Martin Landau (who quit because he was not paid his promised salary by Desilu Studios).

    • Barbara Bain directed plays for the Actors Studio in Los Angeles in 2002-2003.

    • Barbara Bain earned a B.S. in Sociology (with a minor in Philosophy) at the University of Illinois in 1950.

    • Barbara Bain reads the part of Mother Superior for the audio book version of Agnes of God.

    • Barbara Bain is the mother of actress Juliet Landau and director Susan Landau Finch.

    • Between 1967 and 1969, Barbara Bain appeared on the cover of TV Guide three times.

    • In 2004, Barbara Bain was presented with the California Lottery's Hero in Education Award. The award was given for her creation of and volunteer work in a literacy program called "Bookpals".

    • Barbara Bain was born in a car on the way to the hospital in Chicago.

    • Barbara Bain was married to her Mission: Impossible co-star Martin Landau, but their marriage ended in divorce in 1993.

    • Barbara Bain's role of agent/fashion model Cinnamon Carter on Mission: Impossible reflected her real-life profession of modeling before she went into acting.

    • Barbara Bain's character, Dr. Helen Russell, was the only one to appear in all 48 episodes of Space: 1999.

    • Barbara Bain is 5 feet and 9 1/4 inches tall.

    • Barbara Bain held the record of the most consecutive Emmys for Best Supporting Actress, in Mission Impossible from 1967-1969, until Tyne Daly won 4 Emmys for Cagney and Lacey.

  • Quotes

    • Barbara Bain: (Telling about the different writing styles she encountered on Space: 1999) There was some difficulty in the script writing. English writers are used to writing a drama that builds and builds and comes to a peak and a denouement. In America you have fifty minutes to tell the story, ten minutes of commercials with a certain number of breaks, and for each break you have to have a cliffhanger to keep the viewers hooked.

    • Barbara Bain: (On one of her first experiences in London) The first day we started shooting [Space: 1999], we were in the middle of a scene and everybody left. Martin and I wondered if we'd done something wrong; they were all heading towards the other side of the studio. The tea trolley had arrived, and we hadn't seen anything like that before!

    • Barbara Bain: (Referring to Space: 1999) Science Fiction was new turf for me. I'd read quite a bit of it, but I certainly wasn't a buff. The thing I loved about the concept was that we were not there because we wanted to be. The accident that thrust us out into Space was unexpected and whatever we encountered we had no way to cope with. We were ultimately homeless, looking for a place that would accommodate us, and there was something quite romantic about that. The best scripts were the ones that kept to that.

    • Barbara Bain: (Reflecting on her life before acting) I was a quiet, introspective girl. I never dreamed I would become an actress. I was either going to teach or save the world. But after graduation, I had my heart set on a career as a dancer. So I went to New York and. enrolled in dancer Martha Graham's school. After a year, I discovered I wasn't as good as I wanted to be, and consequently, I got the only decent job I could find, modeling.

    • Barbara Bain: (Commenting on her former marriage to Martin Landau) I had a long experience with marriage (26 years) half good and half not so good. So it's enough.

    • Barbara Bain: (Describing how she got started in acting) I was cerebral (with a sociology background). But I was a dancer and when I started in dramatic art I felt at home. In my first audition, I was selected and I have never stopped working since.

    • Barbara Bain: (Reflecting on her divorce with Martin Landau) I am like a teenager but without anguish. I am at an interesting time in my life that I had not planned.

    • Barbara Bain: (In reference to her literacy program Bookpals) It's so important for kids to come to kindergarten with at least the start of literacy, understanding letters and the direction of print, ... It's crucial for their success.