Barbara Corcoran

Barbara Corcoran

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  • Beautiful and brilliant!!

    Barbara wears awesome jewlery but I am mesmerized by the oval east/west necklace and earrings she wears. She wore it on Season 5 Episode 29 and I just love it. Could anyone tell me what kind of gemstone (or emerald??) it is made of.

    Love watching how smart Barbara is and how she always dresses so well - just a lady shark - love her!

    Pat Marblo
  • I find Barbara sensible, Kind, and a honest, trusting person to do business with.

    Barbara listens well to what is being presented. Not Greedy, condescending to others, and a real honest business partner. From what I have seen, Barbara has been very successful with the entrepreneur she partners with. My wife and I love watching the Shark Tank and always look forward to next week. If there were a live audience at the show, Jamie and I would love to be in attendance. This show promotes idea's and give everyone an avenue to show off their products. Thank You! I would love the opportunity to email or chat with Barbara. I have a few questions for her.

    Thank You!

    Bob Shrummoreless