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    • Barbara: I know enough about life to understand that I'm not in complete control. Whatever God is going to give me, I have to accept. He may have a different plan. I just have to see what's going to come up on a daily basis.

    • Barbara: (on women's roles in horror films) What you don't see often enough in horror films are smart and capable women. A lot of horror movies appeal to men and they're written by men, so it's kind of what men want to see. They're written from the male point of view. I think in life we have this issue and in films we have the issue where the women are not as often in control. Men are more in control and art imitates life, so we see that more and more in the movies. It's probably representative of where women are right now and where they're going.

    • Barbara: I think everything happens for a reason, and when things happen - even things we don't really like in our lives - we just have to turn them into something a little bit more positive.

    • Barbara: I like a man who is a real man. No mambi pambi bs. A man of few words and big action. Intelligent and who can make me laugh.